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About Us

Vitalized Future is the #1 resource for learning how exercise can improve your physical and mental health.

Our team of personal trainers dive deep into the latest sports science research to help you decide which exercises are best for you.

Our in-depth, fact-checked content will help you improve your long-term health and fitness because we only discuss proven and sustainable exercises.

You can look forward to evidence-based exercise comparison guides, workout FAQs, and guides that cover every aspect of strength and conditioning.

We also discuss common errors you should avoid when performing these exercises so that you can minimize your risk of injury.

We’re confident you will find value in Vitalized Future’s mission, because we’re here to serve all of humanity, and make the world a healthier place together.

Meet Our Editorial Team

Robb McQueen – Vitalized Future Founder

About Robb McQueen

Robb McQueen is the fitness fanatic behind this site. He’s in charge of all content and editing. Robb created Vitalized Future so that everyone with internet access could access no-BS, evidence-based fitness information.

Steve Cook – Vitalized Future Content Lead

About Steve Cook

Steve Cook is the lead researcher behind all of the evidence-based sports science research shared on Vitalized Future. In his spare time, Steve still does some personal training and is known for presenting jargon-filled science in an easy-to-digest format.

Hollie Grant – Vitalized Future Content Specialist

About Hollie Grant

Hollie Grant is the topic researcher behind all of the fact-filled information on Vitalized Future. Holly is also a successful personal trainer who knows the pain points of her clients, which helps us identify which common questions people want answered around health and fitness.