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Is Arbonne Keto Friendly? (Can You Take It On A Keto Diet?)

I’m a member of many different health forums online, and a question I often see asked is: Is Arbonne Keto Friendly?

Well, here is the short answer to whether Arbonne is keto friendly:

Arbonne protein powder, protein bars, fizz sticks and PhytoSport can all be enjoyed as part of a ketogenic diet, as long as your daily intake of carbohydrates is below 50g.

Man drinking a protein shake

In this article, we will cover what Arbonne is, how we define ‘keto friendly’, the nutritional breakdown of different Arbonne products, and much more.

What is Arbonne?

Arbonne is a multi-level marketing company that sells a range of vegan, cruelty-free health & beauty products, including:

  • Makeup
  • Skincare
  • Haircare Products
  • Nutritional Supplements

It was founded by Petter Morck in 1975 in Norway, but Petter set up its HQ in California in 1980.

What Does Keto Friendly Mean?

Before we decide whether Arbonne products are keto friendly, we need define what ‘keto friendly’ means.

In my opinion, something is to be considered keto friendly if you can consume it practically on a ketogenic diet.

Now, if we define a ketogenic diet as a diet which includes under 50g of carbohydrates per day, then any product which has under 50g of carbs is keto friendly, right?

Not so fast.

Let’s assume Product A has 45g of carbs. Then if you were to consume it, you’d have only 5g of carbs available to eat for the rest of the day.

Unless you’re a meat-munching carnivore, this is impractical and nigh on impossible.

(Because almost every food contains at least some amount of carbs…)

Whereas if Product B has 20g of carbs, then if you were to consume it, you’d have 30g of carbs available to eat in the rest of your meals.

Which is much more achievable.

Is Arbonne Protein Powder Keto Friendly?

Arbonne Protein Powder is sold in 2 flavors – Vanilla & Chocolate.

To see if these are keto friendly, let’s have a look at their nutrition facts, starting with Vanilla.


Arbonne vanilla supplement facts

Looking at the image above, each Arbonne Vanilla Protein shake contains only 13g of carbs.

Since this would leave you with a respectable 37g of carbs to eat over the course of the day, it’s keto friendly in my eyes.


Arbonne chocolate supplement facts

If you look at the carb amount, you can see that the Chocolate flavor includes 13g of carbs per shake.

Which is exactly the same as the Vanilla flavor, and so I’d class it as keto friendly.

Are Arbonne Fizz Sticks Keto Friendly?

There are 3 different flavors of the Arbonne Fizz Sticks:

  • Citrus
  • Strawberry
  • Pomegranite

Let’s take a look at their nutritional breakdown, kicking things off with Citrus.


Arbonne citrus fizz sticks supplement facts

With each Citrus Fizz Stick providing only 4g of carbs, you can bet your bottom dollar that these are keto friendly!


Arbonne strawberry fizz sticks supplement facts

As you can see above, the Strawberry Fizz Stick contains only 4g of carbs too, making it an excellent keto supplement.


Arbonne pomegranate fizz sticks supplement facts

To complete the hattrick, Pomegranate Fizz Sticks contain just 4g of carbs, so are another fantastic keto friendly option.

Are Arbonne Protein Snack Bars Keto Friendly?

Arbonne Protein Bars are currently sold in 2 flavors – Dark Chocolate + Sea Salt & Iced Lemon.

As usual, let’s check their nutritional values to see whether they’re compatible with a keto diet.

Iced Lemon

Arbonne iced lemon nutrition facts

Each Iced Lemon Protein Bar contains 24g of carbohydrates.

While this is fairly high compared to the other Arbonne products, it can still be fitted into a keto diet, as long as you restrict your carbs even further.

Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt

Arbonne dark chocolate & sea salt nutrition facts

As the image above shows, each Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Protein Bar contains 26g of carbohydrates.

So compared to the other products, this one’s probably the least keto friendly.

Is Arbonne PhytoSport Keto Friendly?

There are 3 different varieties of Arbonne PhytoSport:

  • After Workout
  • Prepare & Endure
  • Complete Hydration

Let’s kick things off with checking the After Workout nutrition facts.

After Workout

Arbonne after workout supplement facts

The After Workout variant contains only 6g of carbs per stick.

This is fantastic news for those on a keto diet!

Prepare & Endure

Arbonne prepare & endure supplement facts

As you can see above, the Prepare & Endure variant contains 9g of carbs per serving.

While this is a tad more than the After Workout variety, it’s still super low. So you shouldn’t have any problems taking this on a ketogenic diet.

Complete Hydration

Arbonne complete hydration supplement facts

Like the After Workout variety, the Complete Hydration variety contains just 6g of carbohydrates per serving.

So again, this is an excellent keto friendly option.

How To Stay In Ketosis When Taking Arbonne Products

Stick To Water As A Mixer

Some of the Arbonne products discussed will need a mixer.

In normal circumstances, using milk as a mixer is fine as it’s tastier than water and it gives the shake a nice thickness.

However when doing keto, you want to avoid milk like the plague.


Well, a glass of skimmed milk contains around 11g of carbohydrates.

So if you were to use milk as a mixer, then you’re eating into your carb allowance, which means you’re more likely to exceed 50g of carbs in a day.

Water, on the other hand, contains a grand total of zero carbs, making it the ideal mixer for those on a keto diet.

Keep Your Carb Intake From Food Low

As stated earlier in the article, you need to be consuming under 50g of carbs per day to stay in ketosis.

Since the Arbonne Protein Snack Bars have a decent amount of carbs, you should maintain ketosis given that you lower your carb intake from food.

Exercise After Taking Arbonne

Having consumed an Arbonne supplement, your body will have some carbs that it needs to burn off before it can burn fat for fuel again.

So by exercising after taking an Arbonne supplement, your body’s energy demands will be higher which means the carbs will be burned off quicker.

Conclusion: Are Arbonne Products Keto Friendly?

Short answer, yes – Arbonne products are keto friendly, as long as your daily carb intake doesn’t exceed 50g.

For those wondering, the best Arbonne products for keto are the Fizz sticks as these are the lowest in carbs.

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I hope this article has solved your query!