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Can You Do Arms And Cardio On The Same Day? (Solved!)

Many gym-goers struggle with fitting cardio into their workouts.

Not only when it comes to finding the time to do so, but also knowing where they can add it to their training to get the most benefits.

Well, in this article, we discuss whether you can do arms and cardio on the same day.

We look into some pros and cons of training in this way, as well as looking into some other points that could sway your decision one way or the other.

By the end of it, you should be in a much better position to decide whether doing arms and cardio on the same day is the right thing for you.

Can You Do Arms And Cardio On The Same Day?

Yes, you can do arms and cardio on the same day.

Not only is this something that many people already do, but it also makes quite a bit of sense.

As a general rule, your arm workouts are usually a bit shorter than some of the other larger muscle group workouts.

If this is the case for you, it makes sense to add some cardio into your arm days to make full use of any gym time you have available.

(Watch this epic arms and cardio workout for upper body tone and fat loss!)

Benefits Of Doing Arms And Cardio On The Same Day

Better Overall Health Benefits

Multiple scientific studies have shown that resistance training (with weights) and cardiovascular training is one of the most effective combinations for increasing your overall health.

When you consider the reason why many of us train in the first place, there’s usually some kind of health-related goal or reasoning behind it.

That’s why it can be so beneficial to train your arms and do cardio on the same day.

Any progress you can make toward your health and fitness goals should be celebrated, so by doing arms and cardio on the same day, you can definitely take some big steps towards a healthier body that is closer to your fitness goals.

It Saves Time

If there’s one main reason why people don’t hit their fitness goals, it’s usually not having enough time to train appropriately.

By combining your arm workouts with your cardio, you can actually reduce the number of times you need to go to the gym each week.

Even reducing your training days by a single day can make a huge difference to how much other stuff you can get done in a week.

Missing even one planned workout can lead to a drop in motivation and other negative impacts on your training.

By having to go to the gym fewer times, you’re more likely to stick with it and reach your fitness goals.

Drawbacks Of Doing Arms And Cardio On The Same Day


If you’re doing things right, your arm workouts will be challenging and will leave you feeling pretty tired.

Cardio is another very challenging part of your training that can leave you feeling fatigued too.

By doing both of them on the same day, there’s a potential risk of you feeling too fatigued to get the most benefit out of each session.

This won’t necessarily be the case, but it’s well worth keeping in mind when planning your arm and cardio workouts.

It Can Make Your Training Days Longer

Despite having to train fewer times in a week by combining arms and cardio, your actual training days could be longer.

For example, if you were to train your arms independently in one day, you may spend up to an hour in the gym.

If you do your cardio on a separate day, this could take between 30 and 45 minutes.

Spending an hour or 45 minutes in the gym on a training day doesn’t seem like too much of a commitment to most gym-goers.

However, if you do them both on the same day, you could spend close to 2 hours training.

This might be feasible and realistic for some gym-goers, but for others, this might be too much of a time commitment for a single day of training.

Should You Do Arms And Cardio On The Same Day?

You certainly could do arms and cardio on the same day, but there isn’t a definitive reason why you should or shouldn’t train in this way.

As long as your body is healthy and the working muscles have recovered from any exercise you have already done, doing arms and cardio on the same day can be a very beneficial way of training.

It’ll ultimately be down to your personal preferences as to whether you do them on the same day or on two separate days.

Should You Do Arms Before Cardio?

This will most likely depend on your main fitness goals.

If your priority is to increase your cardiovascular endurance and fitness, then it’ll likely be a good idea to do cardio first.

If your priority is to increase your muscle size and strength, then it’ll likely be a good idea to do your arm workout first.

This isn’t necessarily the best way of doing things for everyone though, so it’s well worth taking some time to research and plan your workouts so you can continually make good progress toward your fitness goals.

Should You Do It In The Same Session Or 2 Sessions?

Either way could work well depending on your fitness goals and how you prefer to train.

Combining your arm workout and your cardio into a single session can be a great idea. You can burn more calories, challenge your body more, and have a very effective workout.

Doing your arms and cardio as 2 separate sessions could also work well for some people though.

If you prefer to focus on one aspect of your training at a time, splitting them into 2 sessions could be the better way of doing things for you.


In summary:

  • You can do arms and cardio on the same day with minimal problems.
  • Whether or not you do arms or cardio first depends on your fitness goals.

That’s all for this article, but can you do back and chest on the same day?

Hope this helped!