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Should You Take Holy Basil At Night Or Morning? (Our Verdict)

For many herbs and supplements, the time of day you take them is super important to their effectiveness.

For example, it’s common knowledge that whey protein is best taken straight after the gym. This is because your muscles are crying for fast-absorbing protein to speed up recovery, which whey protein is able to provide.

A lesser known example is taking your Vitamin D supplement in the morning.

(Our genes expect sunlight, i.e. Vitamin D during the day.)

And whilst we’ve already covered how Holy Basil is a great supplement for sleep, am I suggesting that you should take Holy Basil at night?

Well not necessarily…

You see, Holy Basil is an excellent all-rounder with such a diverse range of benefits.

So depending on what benefit you want to see, you may want to take Holy Basil at different times of the day.

Here’s whether you should take Holy Basil at night or morning:

You should take Holy Basil at night if you want to improve your sleep quality. Whereas you should take Holy Basil in the morning if you want reduce stress, blood sugar levels or improve your mental function.

Reasons to take Holy Basil in the morning

1. Holy Basil lowers blood sugar

From personal experience*, elevated blood sugar (hyperglycemia) leads to energy crashes, mood swings and brain fog.

The energy crashes lead to more sugary food, mood swings lead to pointless arguments (sorry mom), and brain fog leads to concentration difficulties.

To put it simply, hyperglycemia sets your day up for failure.

In a study performed on Type 2 diabetics, Holy Basil lowered fasting blood sugar levels by 17.6% and post-meal blood sugar levels 7.3%.

So by taking Holy Basil in the morning, you’re less likely to experience hyperglycemia and its dreaded effects.

*We’re all allowed to binge every now and then, right?

2. Holy Basil helps with weight loss

One of the reasons why Holy Basil is so effective is its ability to inhibit Cortisol.

As you may know, Cortisol is commonly referred to as the “stress hormone” as it’s raised when we’re stressed out.

And guess what stressed out people do to cope?

Eat junk food!

(Lots and lots of it from my experience…)

So by keeping your Cortisol levels in check throughout the day, you’ll no longer need that 6 pack of doughnuts to get over that meeting with your annoying boss.

Another benefit of Holy Basil is its ability to inhibit Candida growth.

This is good news for those wanting to shed the pounds, as many believe Candida growth leads to junk food cravings.

3. Holy Basil helps improve cognitive function

With Social Media and Smartphones taking over our lives, human attention spans seem to be shorter than ever.

In fact studies show that even Goldfish have longer attention spans than us.

Embarrassing, right?

The bad news?

Social Media and Smartphones won’t be going away any time soon.

The good news?

Holy Basil has been shown to improve short-term memory and attention in healthy males.

(Just to be clear, I’m not knocking modern day technology at all. It’s improved our generation’s lives massively, but I think it’s vital we’re aware of the drawbacks of it too!)

Reasons to take Holy Basil at night

1. Holy Basil helps improve sleep

Our Cortisol levels are supposed to be higher in the morning (which “stresses” us to get out of bed) and lower in the evening.

This has been dictated by our internal circadian clock for over millions of years.

But with anxiety and stress on the rise, many of us have chronically elevated Cortisol levels which can lead to disrupted sleep.

This is where Holy Basil enters the frame.

As mentioned earlier, Holy Basil is an effective Cortisol inhibitor, so taking it at night is a great choice for those desiring better sleep.

Personally, I’ve seen a huge improvement in sleep quality since supplementing with Holy Basil in the evening.

And if it works for me, I can’t see why it won’t work for you too.

2. Holy Basil is caffeine-free

Look… It doesn’t take a genius to work out that caffeine before bed is a silly idea.

But many of us (myself included) simply love a late-night brew.

By replacing your regular cup of Joe with Holy Basil tea, you’re killing 2 birds with 1 stone:

You’re getting the amazing benefits that Holy Basil has to offer, while avoiding the sleep-killing stimulant in caffeine.

Whilst Holy Basil tea may not be as yummy as freshly ground coffee, the leap in sleep quality will be worth it my friend.

Trust me.


Holy Basil is such an awesome herb due to its wide variety of benefits.

best time of day to take holy basil

As a result, you may want to experiment with the time of day you take it.

For those wanting to reduce cravings, lower blood sugar levels and improve cognitive function, taking it in the morning is advisable.

For those wanting a better sleep and an alternative to late-night coffee, taking it at night makes more sense.

Depending on your budget, you may want to do both.

Have you noticed less cravings after taking Holy Basil?

Have you tried Holy Basil tea?

Please let me know your experiences with this fantastic herb in the comments below!

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Melissa Moreno

Tuesday 24th of March 2020

I've been taking Holy Basil for over a year in addition to a few other supplements. It has helped in so many ways!


Wednesday 25th of March 2020

That's pleasing to know Melissa, it's such a useful supplement, isn't it?


Saturday 28th of December 2019

Trying to lower cortisol smoothly through the day leading into the night and I know people who take it three times per day as I might. Just started again as I stopped last week after I ran out. Hope it doesn’t affect thyroid hormones .. any info on that ? Thanks