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Can You Do Biceps After Back Day? (Solved!)

If you train hard, you’ll likely feel discomfort in the working muscles for a couple of days after your workouts.

While this is perfectly normal, it can have an impact on your next workout.

(Particularly if it’s the next day.)

In this article, we take a look at whether you can do biceps after back day.

This is an interesting question when you consider that your biceps do quite a bit of work in many back exercises.

As the working muscles used during your back workout may not be in prime training condition for a few days afterward, logically, training your biceps the next day might not seem like the best idea.

However, there are some benefits to training them the next day which are looked at in more detail in this article.

It also looks at the downsides of training in this way, as well as discussing other useful information such as what muscle groups could be effectively trained the day after back day.

man doing a curl on biceps day

Can You Do Biceps After Back Day?

While you might be physically able to do biceps after back day, as a general rule, it’s normally best to leave a day or two in between these two muscle groups.

As your biceps tend to work pretty hard during most back exercises, they’re unlikely to be in top condition ready for a challenging bicep workout the very next day.

This means that if you do decide to train biceps after back day, your bicep workout will likely be less effective than if you had waited a couple of days for them to fully recover from the work they did on back day.

In simple terms, you can do biceps after back day but it’s probably not the best idea.

Benefits of Doing Biceps After Back Day

You Can Overload Your Biceps More Easily

If your biceps are already fatigued from the previous day’s back workout, it can be easier to overload them in your bicep workout.

You’ll need to be careful that you’re just overloading them and not overtraining though.

Your bicep workout could actually end up being shorter as you can work your biceps hard enough in a shorter period of time as they aren’t at their full potential at the start of the session anyway.

Targets Upper Body On Two Consecutive Days

If you’re trying to build a bigger and stronger upper body, then targeting your upper body muscles as much as possible can be a very effective thing to do.

Developing your upper body will mean you need to work your upper body muscles as hard as possible.

Doing biceps after back day is a very effective way of doing this.

Drawbacks of Doing Biceps After Back Day

Muscle Fatigue

Perhaps the biggest downside of doing biceps after back day is that your biceps will likely be fatigued from your back workout.

While this could potentially be seen as a good thing, it could also lead to overtraining and injury if you aren’t careful.

If you want your biceps to be performing at their best, then doing them after back day might not be the right thing for you to do.

Increased Risk Of Injury

If you train the same muscles too hard, your risk of injury increases.

Making your biceps activate and work to a high level during back and then during your bicep workout the following day can put them under excessive stress which can lead to an injury.

Injuries are extremely detrimental to your training and overall health so need to be avoided at all costs.

Should You Do Biceps After Back Day?

Not really as your biceps will likely still be fatigued and repairing from your back session the previous day.

While some people will train biceps after back day, it’s not generally advised as you’re likely to struggle to get the most from your biceps after the work they’ve had to do on back day.

Is It Safe To Do Biceps After Back Day?

As long as you’re training appropriately then it could be safe to do biceps after back day.

However, your risk of injury will likely be higher training in this way, so it’ll be less safe than doing biceps 48 hours or more after back day.

Is It Better To Do Back After Biceps Day?

Not necessarily.

The main problem with doing back after biceps day is that your biceps will be heavily fatigued after being targeted during your last workout.

As your biceps are already one of the weakest parts of back exercises, fatiguing them prior to a back session will likely mean you can lift less resulting in fewer gains and developments in your back.


In summary, you can do biceps after back day but it’s not optimal. Since your biceps are heavily used in back exercises, they’ll be tired the following day which will reduce the effectiveness of your bicep workout.

That’s all for this article, but can you train chest after arm day? Or what about biceps after shoulder day?

Hope this helped!