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Creatine And Push Ups (Does Creatine Help You Do More?)

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Creatine is an awesome supplement as it’s safe, cheap and good for you.

But can creatine help improve push ups?

Here’s whether creatine helps with push ups:

Creatine helps with push ups as research shows it helps improve muscle strength. The stronger your muscles are, the more push ups you can do. So, by taking creatine, you’ll be able to do more push ups.

Person doing a push-up

In this article, we cover the science of push ups, reasons why creatine helps with push ups, how to take creatine for push ups, and much more!

The Science Behind Push Ups

Before we cover the reasons why creatine can help with push ups, it’s important to understand the fundamentals of being able to do push ups.

First, you need strong triceps.

These are the arm muscles which are used when doing push ups.

And second, you need strong pecs.

These are your chest muscles which are used when pushing yourself off the ground.

Ok, so now we know the basics of being successful at push ups, lets take a look at why creatine is good for push ups.

What Makes Creatine Good For Push Ups?

Creatine Improves Intensity

Creatine works by increasing the amount of ATP (i.e., energy) available to your muscles.

The result of this is being able to do more reps than usual.

As an example, let’s say you can typically do 10 push ups without creatine.

This means that after you’ve done 10 push ups, your muscles don’t have enough energy to complete another.

Well, when you take creatine, your muscles have more energy.

So rather than only being able to do 10 push ups, you should be able to squeeze out a few more.

Creatine Improves Strength

Another benefit of creatine is its ability to improve strength.

A review of 22 studies compared the increase in strength in those who took creatine while training and those who didn’t.

The results showed that the increase in strength was 8% greater on average in the creatine users than the non-users.

So by taking creatine when doing push ups, your triceps and pecs should get even stronger which will help improve your ability to do push ups.

Creatine Improves Size

Since creatine improves the intensity of your workouts, it can lead to more micro-tears in your muscle tissue.

Our body’s reaction to this damage is to repair the muscle tissue and make it bigger, in a process called hypertrophy.

So in theory, creatine should help increase muscle size.

Well, a meta-analysis of 22 studies compared the difference in muscle size of creatine users and creatine non-users.

According to the results, creatine users added an extra 1.37kg of lean muscle on average compared to non-users.

So, how does this help with push ups? I hear you ask.

Well, the heavier you are, the more force you have to push against when doing push ups, which will make them more difficult.

How To Take Creatine For Push Ups

So, you’re ready to take creatine to help with your push ups.

But how should you take creatine?

Well, I’m happy you asked!

The important thing is to take creatine consistently while you’re doing push ups.

A good target to aim for is to take 5g of creatine daily.

And on the days that you do push ups, ideally after your workout.

This will help fill up your creatine stores for your next workout.

How Long Does It Take For Creatine To Work For Push Ups?

Creatine will have the biggest impact when your muscles’ creatine stores are saturated.

This can take up to a few weeks after you start taking creatine, so I’d give it at least a few weeks before you notice a significant difference.

Best Creatine For Push Ups

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Wrapping things up, creatine is an epic supplement for improving push ups thanks to its ability to improve size, strength and intensity.

So if you want to take your push up game to the next level, then I’d look no further than creatine.

That’s all for this article, but can you take creatine and fat burner together? Or does creatine make you fart?

Hope this helped!