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Does Almond Milk Give You Moobs? (The Truth Revealed)

There is no evidence to suggest that almond milk can give you moobs.

Moobs (gynecomastia) is a medical condition where males develop enlarged breast tissue. It’s important to clarify that moobs and muscular pecs are different – here we’re talking about soft breast tissue in the form of fat.

There’s no mechanistic explanation as to why almond milk would give you man boobs.

While moobs can be caused or made worse by obesity, a glass of unsweetened almond milk only contains 40 calories, meaning it’s unlikely to make you obese.

So, if you do develop moobs while taking almond milk, it’s almost certainly caused by another unrelated factor.

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Does Almond Milk Make Your Breasts Bigger?

Again, there’s no scientific evidence to suggest that almond milk makes your breasts bigger.

If you’re a male, the size of your boobs depends on whether you resistance train your pecs (which can increase muscle tissue), your body fat levels, and hormones.

Whereas if you’re a female, the size of your boobs is determined largely by genetics and hormones.

Since almond milk has minimal effects on these factors, then it’s extremely unlikely to affect your breast size.

If your breasts do change size while drinking almond milk, then it’s likely caused by something else.

What Causes Moobs/Gyno?

Gyno develops when your estrogen and testosterone levels are too imbalanced.

While estrogen is important in males for bone density, sexual function, and cognitive function, having too much estrogen can lead to problems, such as gyno.

There are many causes of high estrogen levels, and thus gyno, such as:

  • Obesity
  • Anabolic steroids
  • Certain medical conditions, like hyperthyroidism and liver failure.

Why Do People Believe Almond Milk Gives You Moobs?

The idea that almond milk gives you moobs is based on some confusion.

There are some people who say that soy milk causes man boobs, since soy milk can be estrogenic, however this is soy milk – not almond milk.

Soy milk is derived from soybeans whereas almond milk is made from almonds.

Currently, there’s no evidence to suggest that almonds (or almond milk) affect your estrogen levels.


In summary:

  • Almond milk does not give you moobs as it doesn’t affect your estrogen levels and is unlikely to contribute to obesity.
  • If you do develop moobs while consuming almond milk, it’s almost certainly caused by another unrelated factor.

That’s all for this article, but why do people eat Chipotle after a workout? Or why doesn’t protein keep you full?

Hope this helped!