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How Much Can Cristiano Ronaldo Bench Press?

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the fittest soccer players on the planet, so it would make sense that he can bench press a lot of weight.

But how much can Cristiano Ronaldo bench press?

Read on to find out the answer.

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How Much Can Cristiano Ronaldo Bench Press?

Cristiano Ronaldo with appropriate training can bench press around 255 pounds.

You may be wondering how I got this answer, so let me explain.

Right now, Julian Maddox holds the world record for a bench press at 782 pounds.

For transparency, this was achieved with the help of a bench shirt.

(This is a an extremely rigid shirt that artificially moves certain muscles into better positioning, allowing for more lifting potential.)

Let’s assume that Ronaldo doesn’t lift with a bench shirt.

Let’s also assume that Ronaldo doesn’t take PEDs.

(Many of these record holders were never drug tested, so it’s unclear whether they use PEDs.)

Now, at one of the latest weigh-ins Julius weighed a huge 449.5 pounds, meaning that he could bench press 174% of his body weight. Assuming that with training, Cristiano Ronaldo could match 80% of the level of physical fitness Julius has, then Ronaldo, who weighs 183 pounds, would be able to bench press 255 pounds.

(Calculated by 183 * 1.74 * 0.80.)

Considering how rare a 300lb bench press is, 255 pounds is mightily impressive, even by Ronaldo’s high standards.

Do Soccer Players Bench Press?

Most soccer players include bench press in their training program.

Bench press is a solid exercise for building strength and power in your upper body, which helps soccer players outmuscle opponents.

That being said, soccer players need to be agile and fast, so most of them will train for strength and power, rather than hypertrophy (muscle growth).

This means, they’ll typically bench press a high weight with low reps.

Having too much muscle mass can be detrimental when it comes to soccer, as it can slow down your ability to take other players down the wing.

How Much Does Cristiano Ronaldo Weigh?

According to Eurosport, Cristiano Ronaldo weighs 83kg (or 183 pounds).

His physique has changed massively over the years, as he started out as a scrawny winger and Manchester United, before becoming a prolific striker at Real Madrid and Juventus.


In summary:

  • If we assume that Cristiano Ronaldo can lift 139% of his total bodyweight of 183 pounds, we can deduce that he can bench press 255 pounds.
  • Bench press is an important exercise for soccer players for building upper-body power and strength.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo currently weights a lot more now than when he was younger, so he can likely bench press more now than back then too.

That’s all for Cristiano Ronaldo, but how much can Conor McGregor bench press?

Thanks for reading!