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Is Joesthetics Natty? (Find Out If He Takes Steroids!)

There’s no doubt that Jo Linder, aka Joesthetics, has achieved some great success from taking his shirt off on YouTube. And that kind of success always draws attention from people who immediately say it’s all down to steroids.

While steroid use is rampant in the bodybuilding and fitness industry, I find that making such allegations without any substantial research is unfair to the guy.

That’s why I’ve spent the last few days going through his YouTube and social media accounts to see if there’s any truth to the claims that his physique isn’t natural.

Here’s what I found.

man injecting steroids

Is Joesthetics Natty?

Joesthetics has admitted to not being natty. He disclosed this to his audience in a YouTube video as he was sick of people speculating it and asking him questions.

While his closest peers already knew this, it wasn’t until he was consistently trolled by some of his followers that he published the video on his natty status.

I have a lot more respect for Jo after publishing the video, as he doesn’t recommend steroids to his followers or suggest that bodybuilders should take them.

Rather, he weighed up the pros and cons of his specific situation and decided it would be worthwhile.

Why Does Joesthetics Take Steroids?

Joesthetics tells us that you have to choose 2 of the 3 options:

  1. Jacked
  2. Shredded
  3. Natty

Joesthetics’ results tell us that he’d rather be jacked and shredded (which he clearly is).

Unless you have insane genetics, eat clean 100% of the time, and lift consistently, it’s nearly impossible to be jacked, shredded, and natty all at the same time.

Why Doesn’t Joesthetics Stop Taking Steroids?

Taking steroids is a serious commitment.

Once you’ve started taking them, your body’s natural testosterone production shuts off, so you can’t just stop cold turkey.

If Jo did just stop taking PEDs, then there’s a possibility that he would lose his freaky physique which he relies on for his influencer status. After all, his business and sponsorships are built around being a shredded, jacked guy, which is hard to maintain if you’re natty.

Alternatively, Joesthetics could take TRT to maintain adequate testosterone levels if decided to come off them.

Another reason is that he doesn’t use high doses of steroids – much less than some of the recommended bodybuilding cycles you’ve seen online.

Why Did People Speculate That Joesthetics Is On Steroids?

I looked at five key areas that would suggest steroid use to answer this question.

Extreme Vascularity

People that train for a ripped body always seek those popping veins.

They’re a good indicator of how much muscle and little fat you have.

But certain types of steroids will produce those vascular veins even if you’re not working out.

Looking at Joesthetics’ Instagram, it’s clear that he’s got very noticeable veins in many photos, which may suggest steroid use.

Large Breast Tissue

Ironically, anabolic steroids which increase testosterone and growth hormone have also been linked to men developing enlarged breast tissue.

It’s important to clarify that enlarged breast tissue and ripped pecs are not the same thing – here, we’re talking about soft breast tissue in the form of fat.

While it doesn’t look like Joesthetics has man boobs from recent photos, that’s not to say he hasn’t struggled with them in the past.

Fast Bulking Process

This is one of the easiest ways to catch out a fake natty.

No matter how gifted your genetics are and how much you train, building up muscle takes time.

To look like Jo would take many years and the only way to significantly speed this process is through PEDs.

The fact that Jo has managed to bulk up significantly while maintaining a low body fat hints at steroid use.

Skin Conditions Like Acne

In developing teenagers, acne is often caused by fluctuating hormones, like testosterone. And the same thing can happen to people who take anabolic steroids.

With steroid use, the skin change is quite sudden and noticeable and not easily hidden, especially if you’re an influencer who’s on camera a lot of the time.

It doesn’t look like Joesthetics suffers from skin problems, likely due to the fact he takes only a small dose of steroids.

Hair Loss

One of the most common problems with PEDs is that they may increase facial hair growth while decreasing head hair. Many steroid users mask this with a tightly cut hairstyle.

There’s currently no sign that Jo’s suffering from this side effect of steroid use, although he does have a strong beard game.


In summary:

  • Joesthetics has admitted to steroid use and therefore isn’t natty.
  • Building a physique similar to Jo’s without steroids is almost impossible.
  • Joesthetics has a professional attitude towards steroids – he doesn’t recommend them to his followers, and he only takes a small dose.

That’s all for Joesthetics, but is Joey Swoll natural? Or is Sean Nalewalyj natural?

Thanks for reading!