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Is Juice Plus Keto Friendly? (Can You Take It On Keto Diet?)

A question I see a lot online is: Is Juice Plus Keto Friendly?

But to my knowledge, no one has answered this question yet!

Well fear not – Vitalized Future comes in to save the day.

Here’s why Juice Plus products are keto friendly:

Juice Plus products have a maximum of 27g of carbs. So as long as you keep your daily carb intake below 50g, they can be enjoyed as part of a keto diet.

Man shaking a protein shake

In this article, we’ll cover what Juice Plus is, the nutritional breakdown of their products, and some tips to stay in ketosis when consuming Juice Plus.

What is Juice Plus?

Juice Plus is a supplement company that’s been around for over 25 years.

It offers a variety of products including bars, shakes, and capsules with the aim of improving the health of its customer base.

Juice Plus realised the importance of vitamins and minerals from fruit and vegetables, but understood that it can be hard to eat 5 portions every day.

So, their products include over 30 different fruit and vegetables in supplement form, making it easier to get your nutrients.

What Does ‘Keto Friendly’ Mean?

For the purpose of this article, keto friendly means whether you can consume it on a ketogenic diet.

Ketogenic diets are strict in that you need to minimize carbohydrates, so if something is considered ‘keto friendly’, then by nature it’s low in carbs.

Contrary to popular belief, keto friendly doesn’t mean that something is high in fat. To be in ketosis, you just need to minimize carbohydrates and your body will revert to ketones.

Are Juice Plus Complete Shakes Keto Friendly?

Juice Plus Complete Shakes come in 2 different flavors – French Vanilla & Dutch Chocolate.

To see whether they’re keto friendly, let’s have a quick look at their nutritional labels, starting with French Vanilla.

French Vanilla

Juice plus complete French vanilla nutrition facts

Looking at the carbohydrate values, you can see that each French Vanilla Juice Plus Complete shake provides 20g of carbs per serving.

To reach ketosis, you need to be consuming less than 50g of carbs a day, so you could argue that it’s keto friendly.

(Since 20g is less than 50g just to be clear…)

Alternatively, some may argue that 20g of carbs is too much for a single meal and that it could knock you out of ketosis.

But in my opinion, as long as you keep your total daily carb intake below 50g, then it’s fine to consume.

Dutch Chocolate

Juice plus complete Dutch chocolate nutrition facts

If you look at the carb amount, you can see that the Dutch Chocolate variety includes 20g of carbs per serving.

Which is exactly the same as the French Vanilla flavor, so it’s still keto friendly in my eyes.

Again, others may argue that it includes too many carbs for 1 meal, but as long as you keep your daily carb intake below 50g, you’re in the clear.

Are Juice Plus Complete Shakes Low Carb?

By definition, if something is keto friendly, then it’s also low carb.

So yes, Juice Plus Complete Shakes can be enjoyed as part of a low carb diet.

Are Juice Plus Complete Bars Keto Friendly?

Like the shakes, Juice Plus Complete Bars come in 2 different flavors – Dark Chocolate + Fig & Tart Cherry + Honey.

Let’s take a look at their nutritional breakdown, starting with Dark Chocolate + Fig.

Dark Chocolate + Fig

Juice plus complete bar dark chocolate and fig nutrition facts

As you can see, each Dark Chocolate + Fig bar contains 23g of carbohydrates.

While this is a tad higher than the Juice Plus Complete Shakes, it’s still keto friendly as long as you minimize your carb intake with other meals.

Tart Cherry + Honey

Juice plus complete bar tart cherry and honey nutrition facts

A quick peek at the nutrition facts shows that the Tart Cherry + Honey bar provides 27g of carbs.

This is on the ‘higher end’ of the keto friendly spectrum, and it means you’ll have to eat pretty much zero carb for your other meals to stay in ketosis.

Are Juice Plus Capsules Keto Friendly?

There are 3 varieties of the Juice Plus Capsules:

  • Fruit Blend
  • Berry Blend
  • Vegetable Blend

As usual, let’s investigate the nutritional values of each variety to see whether they’re keto friendly.

Fruit Blend

Juice plus fruit blend capsules nutrition facts

With each serving providing 1g of carbohydrates, the Juice Plus Fruit Capsules are 100% keto friendly.

Berry Blend

Juice plus berry blend capsules nutrition facts

As above, the Juice Plus Berry Capsules also have 1g of carbs so are another excellent keto friendly option.


Juice plus vegetable capsules nutrition facts

To complete the hattrick, the Juice Plus Vegetable Capsules have only 1g of carbs, making them a fantastic keto friendly supplement.

How To Stay In Ketosis When Taking Juice Plus

Use Water For The Juice Plus Complete Shakes

This one’s super important.

Water has a grand total of 0g carbs.

Whereas a glass of skimmed milk contains around 11g carbs.

So if you’re using skimmed milk to mix your Juice Plus Complete Shake, then you’re actually consuming 31g of carbs per shake.

While this is still under 50g, it means you only have 19g of carbs available in all your other meals, which is pretty challenging unless you eat a carnivore diet.

And so by mixing it with water, it frees up an extra 11g of carbs which you can consume any other time during the day.

Eat Minimal Amounts Of Carbs In Your Other Meals

As stated previously in the article, if you want to stay in ketosis, you should be eating no more than 50g of carbs per day.

Since the Juice Plus Complete Shakes and Bars have a reasonable amount of carbs, you should be able to keep in ketosis as long as you limit your carbs in the other meals.

Go For A Walk After Taking Juice Plus

If you’re still worried that 27g of carbs will kick you out of ketosis, then the best thing to do is to exercise straight after taking Juice Plus.

The reason being, your body will always prioritize burning carbs (glucose) over fats (ketones).

So by going for a walk, the carbs which you just consumed in the Juice Plus will be quickly used up for energy so your body can revert to ketones again.

Conclusion: Can You Take Juice Plus On Keto?

In short, yes – you can take Juice Plus on keto, as long as you keep your overall carb intake below 50g.

For those who would rather eat their carb allowance from food, it’s best to go for the Juice Plus Capsules as these are by far the lowest in carbs. And so are the most keto friendly.

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I hope this article has answered your questions!