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Do Jumping Jacks Burn Face Fat? (+Fix Your Double Chin)

With so many gym-goers trying to lose weight and burn fat, there are always new diet fads and gimmicks out there that can apparently help.

Well, let me tell you that most of these are a waste of your hard-earned cash.

Sometimes, the solution is an old-school exercise that’s often far better than any of these fads you can find online.

That’s right – we’re talking about jumping jacks!

They’re a great exercise for many things, and in this article, we discuss whether they can help you burn your face fat and get rid of that double chin.

Can Jumping Jacks Reduce Face Fat?

Right from the start, we need to point out that you can’t spot-reduce fat from any specific location of your body.

You can certainly have an exercise and nutrition plan that aims to burn fat, but you can’t pinpoint exactly where the fat will be burned from.

As long as you understand this, then it’s easier to understand that jumping jacks can help as part of a fat-burning program.

Jumping jacks help build muscle in multiple muscle groups. The more muscle you have, the more calories and fat you can burn.

And this is exactly how jumping jacks can help burn that stubborn fact fat.

They can’t burn your face fat directly, but they can help optimize your body for fat loss.

Once you’re burning enough fat, it’ll eventually be burned from your face too.

The Secret To Burning Face Fat

The most important aspect of fat loss is to ensure you’re in a calorie deficit each and every day.

This means that you’ve burned more calories than you’ve consumed.

Once you’re in a calorie deficit, your fat-burning potential increases dramatically.

Getting into a calorie deficit is easy on the surface but it can be quite trickier in practise.

If you’re not losing weight in your current position (i.e. given how you eat and train), it means that you need to either burn more calories or consume less calories.

It’s really that simple!

Do Jumping Jacks Help Double Chin?

Without sounding like a broken record, jumping jacks absolutely can help you lose your double chin if used as part of a fat-loss program.

If you’re doing 10 jumping jacks and eat like a pig, then I’m sorry but jumping jacks likely won’t be of any help.

However, if you’re doing a decent number of jumping jacks and are eating in a calorie deficit, then they will burn fat, which will eventually come off your double-chin!

How Many Jumping Jacks Should You Do To Burn Face Fat?

This depends on your current fitness levels and how many jumping jacks you can already do.

As a rough guide, you should be aiming for a high rep range, so doing 3-5 sets of around 50 jumping jacks can be beneficial in a fat-burning program.

That being said, if you’re unable to do that many jumping jacks, do as many as you can.

Like most exercises, jumping jacks get easier over time so you just need to stick with them and have patience.

How Often Should You Do Jumping Jacks To Burn Face Fat?

This also depends on your current jumping jack abilities but doing around 3 times a week can be useful for fat burning.

However, you’ll need to take into account any other exercise you’re doing and adjust the frequency of your jumping jacks accordingly.


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