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King Von’s Workout Routine: The Secret Behind His Success

When it comes to the hip-hop industry, it’s not uncommon to hear about artists leading unhealthy lifestyles due to their busy schedules and constant touring.

However, there are some artists who prioritize their health and fitness, using their platform to inspire others to do the same.

One such artist was King Von, a rising star in the rap scene who tragically passed away in 2020.

King Von was known not only for his music but also for his dedication to staying in shape and leading a healthy lifestyle.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at King Von’s workout routine, exploring the exercises he did, his diet, and how he balanced his fitness goals with his music career.

We’ll also discuss the benefits of King Von’s approach to fitness and how he continues to inspire others to prioritize their health.

King von showing his body

King Von’s Fitness Journey: How He Got Started

King Von, whose real name was Dayvon Daquan Bennett, grew up in Chicago, where he was exposed to the city’s culture of gang violence and crime.

As a young man, King Von found himself getting into trouble with the law and spending time behind bars.

However, during his time in prison, he realized that he needed to make a change in his life, both for himself and his family.

When he was released from prison, King Von began to focus on his music career, which quickly gained traction. But he also knew that he needed to take care of his physical health to achieve his goals.

King Von began working out regularly at his local gym, where he would focus on building his strength and endurance. He also took up boxing as a way to stay in shape and improve his mental focus.

King Von’s fitness journey was not always smooth sailing though.

In an interview with DJ Vlad, King Von shared that he struggled with staying consistent with his workouts due to his busy schedule as a rapper.

However, he recognized the importance of taking care of his body and made it a priority to make time for exercise whenever he could.

Over time, King Von’s dedication to his fitness routine paid off, both physically and mentally.

He became stronger, leaner, and more confident, and his newfound energy and focus translated into his music career.

King Von’s Workout Routine: A Breakdown Of His Exercises

King Von’s workout routine was focused on building strength and endurance. He would typically hit the gym three to four times a week, where he would spend a few hours working on different exercises.

One of King Von’s favorite exercises was the bench press, which he would do to build his chest and upper body strength. He would typically start with a warm-up set of lighter weights before moving on to heavier weights for his working sets.

He would also do variations of the bench press, such as incline and decline bench presses, to target different areas of his chest.

Another exercise that King Von favored was the deadlift, which he would do to build his back and leg strength. He would typically start with a warm-up set of lighter weights before moving on to heavier weights for his working sets.

He would also do variations of the deadlift, such as the sumo deadlift, to target different areas of his back and legs.

In addition to these compound exercises, King Von also incorporated isolation exercises into his routine, such as bicep curls, tricep extensions, and lateral raises. He would typically do these exercises after his compound exercises to target specific muscle groups and build definition.

Outside of the gym, King Von also enjoyed doing cardio exercises such as running, biking, and boxing. These exercises not only helped him stay in shape but also improved his mental focus and overall well-being.

King Von’s Diet: What He Ate To Fuel His Workouts

King Von’s diet was focused on lean protein sources, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

He would typically start his day with a hearty breakfast that included eggs, oatmeal, and a protein shake.

For lunch and dinner, he would often eat grilled chicken or fish with brown rice and vegetables.

He also enjoyed snacking on fruits, nuts, and protein bars throughout the day to keep his energy levels up.

One of the key components of King Von’s diet was his emphasis on hydration. He recognized the importance of staying hydrated, especially during his workouts, and made sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

He also incorporated electrolyte drinks into his routine to help replenish his body’s minerals and maintain his hydration levels.

Although King Von was dedicated to eating healthy most of the time, he also allowed himself to indulge in his favorite foods from time to time.

He believed in the importance of balance and would occasionally treat himself to a cheat meal, such as a burger and fries or a slice of pizza.

How King Von Balanced His Music Career With Fitness Goals

As a rising star in the hip-hop industry, King Von’s music career demanded a lot of his time and energy. Despite his busy schedule, he was able to balance his music career with his fitness goals by making it a priority in his daily routine.

King Von recognized the importance of physical fitness not only for his personal well-being but also for his music career. He understood that maintaining a healthy and fit body would not only help him perform at his best but also project a positive image to his fans.

To balance his music career with his fitness goals, King Von would often wake up early in the morning to hit the gym before starting his day. He would also make sure to schedule his workouts around his music commitments to ensure that he didn’t miss any important events or performances.

In addition to his daily workouts, King Von also made sure to incorporate physical activity into his music performances. He would often perform high-energy sets that involved a lot of movement, which helped him stay active and burn calories while entertaining his fans.

Despite his busy schedule, King Von remained dedicated to his fitness goals and never compromised on his health and well-being.

His commitment to fitness not only helped him achieve his personal goals but also inspired his fans to prioritize their own health and well-being.

The Benefits of King Von’s Workout Routine

King Von’s dedication to his workout routine had numerous benefits for his physical and mental health.

Here are some of the key benefits of his fitness regimen:

Improved Cardiovascular Health

King Von’s workouts often involved high-intensity cardio exercises such as running and jumping jacks, which helped improve his heart health and increase his endurance.

Increased Muscle Strength and Definition

King Von’s weightlifting routine helped him build muscle and increase his overall strength, which helped him perform better in his music performances and daily activities.

Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Exercise is known to release endorphins, which are natural mood-boosters that can help reduce stress and anxiety levels. King Von’s workouts likely helped him manage the stress of his busy music career.

Improved Sleep Quality

Regular exercise has been shown to improve sleep quality, which can lead to improved energy levels and better overall health.

Increased Confidence

Achieving fitness goals can lead to increased confidence and a positive self-image, which can have a ripple effect on other areas of life.

King Von’s Fitness Inspiration and Motivation

One of King Von’s biggest inspirations was his friend and fellow rapper, Lil Durk. Lil Durk has been open about his own fitness journey, and his dedication to his health and well-being inspired King Von to make fitness a priority in his life as well.

King Von also found inspiration and motivation in his fans. He recognized that his music career gave him a platform to inspire others, and he used this platform to encourage his fans to prioritize their own health and well-being.

King Von’s own personal goals also motivated him to stay committed to his fitness routine. He had a vision of himself as a successful artist with a strong and healthy body, and he used this vision to stay motivated and focused on his goals.


In conclusion, King Von’s dedication to fitness and health was a reflection of his strong work ethic and commitment to personal growth.

His fitness journey began with a desire to live a healthy lifestyle and improve his physical performance, and he used his music career as a platform to inspire his fans to do the same.

King Von’s workout routine was a combination of high-intensity cardio, weightlifting, and bodyweight exercises. He also maintained a healthy diet to fuel his workouts and achieve his fitness goals.

Despite his busy schedule as a rising star in the hip-hop industry, King Von was able to balance his music career with his fitness goals by making it a priority in his daily routine.

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RIP King Von!