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Is LeanBeefPatty Trans? (The Truth Revealed!)

There’s no doubt that LeanBeefPatty has achieved some great success from flexing her muscles on YouTube.

And that kind of success draws attention from people – some who like to make up rumours, such as LeanBeefPatty being transgender.

I find that making up such accusations without any substantial research is unfair to the girl.

That’s why I’ve spent the last few days researching her YouTube and social media accounts to see if there’s any truth to the claims that she’s trans.

Here’s what I found.

Is LeanBeefPatty Trans?

LeanBeefPatty is not transgender. She’s a cisgender woman, meaning she was born as a female and identifies as a female.

There are a few reasons why people speculated that LeanBeefPatty is trans.

Read on to find out these reasons.

Reasons Why People Believed LeanBeefPatty Is Transgender

LeanBeefPatty Has A Visible ‘Adam’s Apple’

Most males have a prominent Adam’s apple. It happens when the larynx grows larger during puberty.

Someone claimed that since LeanBeefPatty has a noticeable Adam’s apple, then she must’ve been born a male, and therefore is a transgender female.

However, it’s worth pointing out that some females have noticeable Adam’s apples too – it’s just that it’s much more common in males.

Just because a female has a noticeable Adam’s apple doesn’t mean that they’re transgender.

LeanBeefPatty Has A Muscular Physique

LeanBeefPatty has a mightily impressive physique, with big, bulky muscles.

Given that testosterone helps you gain muscle mass, and LeanBeefPatty has a lot of muscle mass, then it makes sense that LeanBeefPatty has high testosterone levels for a female.

This has led some people to believe that LeanBeefPatty was born a male given that males have naturally higher testosterone levels than females.

However, the interesting thing about testosterone is that levels fluctuate depending on how much resistance training you do.

Females like LeanBeefPatty who lift weights multiple times a week will almost certainly have higher testosterone levels than females who don’t do any resistance training.

It’s also worth pointing out that building a ripped physique involves many different factors, and testosterone is just one of these factors (albeit an important one).

A Transgender Woman Tagged LeanBeefPatty On A Tumblr Post

Please ignore the transphobic comment at the top of the image…

It seems that forums and user-generated content sites are the perfect place to start rumours.

On one of these sites, I’ve found someone claim that LeanBeefPatty is transgender because an actual trans woman posted a photo of LeanBeefPatty with a comment:

For those who don’t know, I’m transgender, so lots of body dysphoria on top of the body dysmorphia thought I have. Definitely not fun stuff. However, I’ve taken it upon myself to start working out and calorie counting with the help of an app.

It turns out the trans woman who made the post used a photo of LeanBeefPatty as inspiration, yet, someone (incorrectly) claimed that the post was from LeanBeefPatty.

It’s quite clear that LeanBeefPatty didn’t post this, as the photo used shows LeanBeefPatty’s ripped physique.

Whereas the comment says “However, I’ve taken it upon myself to start working out…”

There is no chance LeanBeefPatty would have that physique if she just started working out.

LeanBeefPatty Has A Sharp Jawline

A sharp jawline is typically a masculine facial feature.

It’s a sign of low body fat and high testosterone levels.

As I explained earlier, LeanBeefPatty likely has relatively high testosterone levels as a female given that she resistance trains multiple times a week.

And you can clearly see that she has low body fat levels too.

So, it’s unsurprising that her jawline is rather sharp for a female.


In summary:

  • LeanBeefPatty is a cisgender female and therefore she isn’t trans.
  • People speculated that she’s trans based on her masculine facial features, although these are explainable when you consider her training routine.
  • Just because a female has an Adam’s apple and a sharp jawline doesn’t mean they’re trans. While these features are more common in males, they do appear in cisgender females too.

Hope this helped!