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Magnesium Spray For Sore Muscles? (Ease Magnesium Review)

I may receive a commission for purchases made through product links on this page, but I always stand by my opinions and endorsements!

It’s estimated that a whopping 80% of Americans are deficient in Magnesium.

Which is terrifying when you consider the following diseases are linked to Magnesium deficiency:

  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Allergies
  • Osteoporosis
  • Immune problems
  • Irregular Heartbeat
  • Auricular Fibrillation

So, to ensure I wasn’t included in that damned statistic, I’d been taking Magnesium Citrate capsules pretty much every single day for the last year or so.

But recently, I was reading a book called Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson (highly recommended) and discovered an exciting new form of magnesium supplementation…

 …which goes by the name of Magnesium Spray.

The way that Shawn (an intelligent guy who knows his stuff) raved about it made me super curious to try it out.

Interestingly, around the same time, I was experiencing painful muscle soreness from doing Calisthenics (Bodyweight training) to failure every day.

Being the science nerd that I am, I thought it would be interesting to see whether Magnesium Spray could work for my sore muscles.

So that night, I ordered a 60ml bottle of Ease Magnesium Spray from Amazon which arrived the next day.

(Amazon Prime is a life saver, huh?)

ease magnesium spray

For the following 2 weeks, I applied around 30 sprays each day to my body, focusing on areas which were particularly sore from my brutal workout routine.

And in this article, I’m sharing my results with you.

But that’s not all though.

I’ll also be diving deep into the science surrounding Magnesium and sore muscles and I’ll be sharing thoughts on who should and shouldn’t be using Magnesium Spray for sore muscles.

Ready? Let’s get started.

Reasons for supplementing with Magnesium Spray for Sore Muscles

Here, I’m going to run through a few reasons why Magnesium Spray may help your muscle soreness.

If you believe that Magnesium Spray may help you, then this section of the article is for you.

1. Magnesium reduces inflammation

Recent studies have demonstrated that Magnesium helps reduce inflammation at a cellular level.

This is great news for those who suffer muscle soreness, as it’s been shown that muscle soreness is mainly caused by low-level inflammation from the micro tears of muscle fibres.

2. Magnesium helps muscles relax

Magnesium is known for its ability to relax muscles.

It does this by shuttling Calcium, which is involved in muscle contraction, out of muscle cells.

Now I don’t know about you, but when my muscles are all tense and stiff, they’re much more likely to cramp which hurts like a bitch.

(Calf cramp is by the far the worst which I’m sure you’ll agree…)

So, by supplementing with Magnesium, your muscles will be in a relaxed state, and are less likely to cramp up.

3. Magnesium Spray is absorbed exactly where it’s applied

The beauty of Magnesium Spray is that it’s absorbed through the skin (which is known as transdermal absorption).

Transdermal application of Magnesium, i.e. Magnesium Spray, has been shown to boost intracellular magnesium levels by up to 262%.

But what I love most about Magnesium Spray is the fact it goes straight through to your blood vessels and muscles, rather than having to go through your digestive system.

In other words, you can apply Magnesium Spray directly on your sore muscles which will not only help heal them, but also save you money by being efficient with its use.

4. Many people claim to notice less muscle pain when using Magnesium Spray

Although this is just anecdotal, many people claim to experience less muscle soreness with Magnesium Spray.

A quick Google search will show you tons of people raving about how their muscle soreness melted away since they started using Magnesium Spray.

Reasons against supplementing with Magnesium Spray for Sore Muscles

Since we’re all unique as humans and are in different situations (mentally, financially, medically, etc.), some people are suited to some supplements and other people are suited to different ones.

Chances are Magnesium Spray isn’t the best option for some of you, so here are some reasons not to use Magnesium Spray for muscle soreness.

1. Cheaper alternatives

One of the major downfalls of Magnesium Spray is its luxury price.

I’ll be honest, I did feel a little ripped off when I seen the size of the bottle but hey ho, you have to pay big bucks for premium quality items.

So, for those on a tight budget, I’d recommend using Magnesium Citrate or even Glutamine to help alleviate post-workout pain.

Whilst yes, these probably aren’t as effective as Magnesium Spray, they’re both still pretty decent and will last you ages.

2. Little research available

Although there are plenty of studies which show how good Magnesium is for muscle recovery, I can’t seem to find any which use Magnesium Spray.

Generally, I don’t take supplements that haven’t been proven to work in studies, although Magnesium Spray is an exception since it was recommended by a top, top sleep scientist who I definitely trust.

Some of you, however, may not give a monkey’s when it comes to studies, which is fair enough.

Each to their own.

Vitalized Future’s review of Ease Magnesium Spray

Although there’s a good chance Magnesium Spray will help you, I can’t say for certain.

However, I can say whether or not it’ll help me, which is why I chose to review Easy Magnesium Spray as part of this experiment.

magnesium spray for muscle soreness

I wanted to know for myself whether I felt less muscle soreness from using Ease Magnesium Spray (Amazon).

And here’s how I know Ease Magnesium Spray works for me.

My new workout routine means I’m training to failure every single day, which results in a lot of soreness as you may expect.

Now I don’t know about you, but for me, muscle soreness is A LOT more noticeable in legs than any other body part.

So, the first thing I did on the morning after receiving Ease Magnesium Spray was spray my legs around 30 times.

And I pretty much felt instant relief.

Don’t get me wrong, my legs still felt a bit tired but just weren’t sore. At all.

To make sure this wasn’t just my mind playing tricks on me, I only sprayed my left leg the following morning and was hobbling all day!

What amazed me even more was that I noticed pain relief every day that I applied Easy Magnesium Spray (Amazon).

In other words, I wasn’t “building a tolerance” to it like your standard prescription drugs.

So, based on my personal experience, it’s obvious that Magnesium Spray definitely helps at least some people. Maybe not for everyone, but at least some.


Hopefully, you now have all the information you need to decide whether you want to try Magnesium Spray.

Those who are budget constrained may want to settle for Magnesium Citrate capsules instead, as they’re much cheaper, and still help a little.

But if you do want to try Magnesium Spray, then I’d go for Ease Magnesium Spray (Amazon).

It’s made my mornings much more bearable!