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Does Pre Workout Make You Pee More? (Yes, Here’s Why!)

Pre workout makes you pee more due to the caffeine and creatine. Caffeine works as a diuretic, meaning it increases fluid loss. Whereas excess creatine is converted to creatinine, which is a waste product that’s flushed out through your pee.

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In this article, we explore which ingredients in pre workout make you pee more, whether all pre workouts make you pee more, other reasons why you need to pee after pre workout, and much more!

Which Ingredients In Pre Workout Make You Pee More?


Caffeine is the most widely consumed drug in the world.

It’s one of the main ingredients in pre workout thanks to its ability to improve focus, energy and alertness.

According to research, caffeine may make you pee more.

In one study, 12 people with overactive bladder symptoms drank water with and without caffeine.

The results showed that caffeine increased the urgency and frequency of urination.

In other words, it made the subjects need a pee quicker and more often.

In another study, 11 people with overactive bladder symptoms consumed caffeinated drinks for 2 weeks followed by decaffeinated drinks for 2 weeks.

During each 2-week period, they had a 3-day bladder diary where they reported on the urgency and frequency of urination.

Interestingly, they needed to pee much less when they moved to the decaffeinated drinks.

(For some people, the high caffeine of pre workout can make you poop too!)


Creatine is a natural substance that’s found in fish and red meat.

Many pre workouts include creatine as it helps increase ATP levels in the muscle.

(In simple terms, it increases the amount of energy available to the muscle when exercising.)

But when your muscles’ creatine levels are saturated, any excess is converted to creatinine which is a waste product.

Our bodies usually get rid of waste products like creatinine via our…

You guessed it.


(This is why creatine makes you pee a lot!)

Does Pre Workout Make You Thirsty?

It’s very possible!

Since pre workout makes you pee more, it can make you lose a lot of bodily fluids which increases dehydration.

Your body’s response to dehydration is to make you thirsty.

Does Pre Workout Make Your Pee Yellow?

Yellow pee is usually a sign of dehydration.

Since pre workout may cause dehydration via making you pee a lot, it can certainly make your pee yellow.

Do All Pre Workout Supplements Make You Pee More?

In short, no.

While most pre workouts are rich in caffeine and creatine, there are some brands which offer pre workout free from these ingredients!

And since it’s these ingredients that make you need a pee, you could argue that taking pre workout without them wouldn’t result in a trip to the loo.

Does Taking Too Much Pre Workout Make You Pee More?

It makes sense that the more pre workout you consume, the more likely you are to need a pee.


Well, the more caffeine & creatine that you take, the bigger the diuretic effect of the pre workout.

(That’s assuming your pre workout includes caffeine & creatine of course!)

Should You Worry If You Pee A Lot After Taking Pre Workout?

Definitely not.

You need to keep in mind that worrying is a negative emotion, and negative emotions can ruin your workout.

Funnily enough, this is the opposite of what you want to achieve when taking pre workout!

Now, the reason why you shouldn’t worry is that you know exactly why you need to pee more.

It’s true that peeing a lot can be a symptom of something serious like diabetes, but since you know why you’re peeing a lot, there’s nothing you should worry about!

Should You Stop Taking Pre Workout If It Makes You Pee More?

Well, it depends.

Is it really bothering you or affecting your workout?

If so, then it may be wise to switch to a caffeine/creatine free pre workout.

If not, then you should just accept it as a minor inconvenience.

Can You Pee Out Pre Workout?

You need to remember that when talking about pre workout, we’re really talking about a handful of ingredients mixed together.

So while you won’t pee out pre workout itself, it’s possible to pee out some of the ingredients like creatine and amino acids.

Is Pre Workout A Diuretic?

If your pre workout contains caffeine, then it technically is a diuretic.

This is because caffeine has been shown to make you pee more.

However, not all pre workouts contain caffeine, so if it doesn’t, then your pre workout won’t be a diuretic.

Other Reasons You May Need A Pee After Taking Pre Workout

You Drink More Water Mid-Workout

You’re most likely taking pre workout right before you work out.

When working out, your body loses a lot of water through sweat which can make you super thirsty.

As a result, you’re much more likely to drink a ton of water which will stimulate the bladder and increase the chances of you needing a pee.

You Drink More Water Due To Creatine

When taking creatine (either on its own or in pre workout), you should drink more water for multiple reasons.

As we’ve already covered, your body needs to excrete creatinine as it’s a waste product, so to help your body flush this out, you should be drinking more water.

Also, creatine helps your muscles store more water.

While this can give you a swole appearance, it may result in your organs and other important body parts receiving less water.

So to avoid potential dehydration, it’s wise to drink more water when taking creatine.

You Feel Anxious After Taking Pre Workout

Unfortunately, pre workout can make you nauseous and anxious.

If you feel anxious after taking pre workout, your body enters ‘fight or flight’ mode.

When this happens, your brain stops sending ‘calm’ signals to your body which causes your bladder muscles to contract.

The result of this is more pressure on the bladder and you needing to pee!


In summary:

  • Pre workout supplements which contain creatine and caffeine can make you pee a lot.
  • Peeing a lot from pre workout can make your urine yellow and cause dehydration, so it’s important to drink enough water when taking pre workout.

That’s all for pre workout making you pee, but does pre workout make you sweat more? Or perhaps you’re wondering how to make pre workout taste better?

Hope this helped!