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Why Is It Harder To Do Push-Ups On Carpet? (Solved!)

Push-ups come with a whole range of benefits that can help you move toward multiple fitness goals.

As good as push-ups are though, there are some things to keep in mind when doing them.

Things like the number of reps and sets you do, when you do them, and even where you do them can have more of an impact on their effectiveness than you might think.

In this article, we discuss the effect carpet can have on your push-ups.

We look at whether doing push-ups on carpet makes them harder, why it could make them more challenging, as well as looking at other surfaces you could do push-ups on.

happy Asian man doing a push up on a carpet

Are Push-Ups Harder On Carpet Or Hard Floor?

This really depends on the type of carpet or hard floor you’re doing your push-ups on.

For example, if you were trying to do push-ups on a rug, this could potentially slide on the floor underneath while you’re mid-way through the exercise.

If this is the case, then your push-ups will likely be harder as you’ll have to work harder to maintain a stable and balanced body position.

If you’re doing push-ups on a low-pile carpet that covers the entire area, then it might not actually make too much of a difference to the difficulty of your push-ups.

In a similar way, the type of hard floor you are using for push-ups can make a difference too.

For example, a highly polished hard floor could be quite slippery for your hands and feet to get a good grip on while a solid concrete floor could provide a very solid and sturdy base for your push-ups.

Why Is It Harder To Do Push-Ups On Carpet?

There aren’t too many reasons why your push-ups would be harder on a carpet compared to a hard floor.

The main difference would be in that there’s a potential for some kind of movement in the surface of the carpet as you go through the movement.

If the carpet has a high pile that compresses a little under weight, then your push-ups could potentially cover a (slightly) bigger range of movement with less support and stability being offered.

The difference will likely be minimal though.

A moving carpet, like a rug, for example, will make things quite a bit harder during push-ups as this could move out of the position you need it to be in.

Any movement in the rug will result in your working muscles having to work harder in order to maintain a stable body position.

How To Do Push-Ups On Carpet

Doing push-ups on a carpet shouldn’t be any different from doing them on any other surface.

You’ll have to keep in mind that your wrists may have less stability than they would have if you were doing push-ups on a hard floor but, the difference shouldn’t be too extreme.

Use the correct push-up technique, make sure your body position is strong, and ensure that the carpet you’re on won’t slide or move out from underneath you during the exercise.

[Watch below to see how to do the perfect push-up!]

Is It Bad To Do Push-Ups On The Carpet?

Not particularly.

As with any exercise, as long as the area you’re doing them in is safe, appropriate, and clear of any hazards, there aren’t too many reasons why it would be bad to do push-ups on a carpet.

The only exception to this is if you were trying to do push-ups on a carpet that could move during the exercise.

Is It Better To Do Push-Ups On The Carpet?

You can do push-ups anywhere you like with very little issue.

If you’re more comfortable doing them on the carpet, then the carpet is a good place to do them. However, if you prefer a hard floor for your push-ups, then this is also a good option.

Can You Do Knuckle Push-Ups On The Carpet?

It doesn’t really matter too much.

You might prefer doing knuckle push-ups on the carpet (to begin with at least) as it will likely be more comfortable until your knuckles harden up a bit and are able to withstand a hard floor without causing too much discomfort for you.

Is It Easier To Do Push-Ups On A Mat?

Maybe, it will ultimately depend on the type of mat you are using.

If you have a mat with some extra padding, this can make your hands and wrists feel a bit more comfortable during the exercise.

However, a mat won’t make push-ups any easier, it might just make them a bit more comfortable in places.


In summary, doing push-ups on an unstable carpet, such as a rug, will make push-ups more difficult as your body will have to work extra hard to stay balanced.

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Hope this helped!


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