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Do Push-Ups Increase Height? (Or Stop Height Growth?)

If you look online, you’ll find a growing number of people who claim that push-ups can make you taller.

Interestingly, you’ll also find other people who say that push-ups don’t make you taller, and in fact, actually stunt your growth.

While the reasoning behind these claims vary, it seems to be a fairly common question – do push-ups make you taller?

In this article, we discuss points surrounding this question.

We look at factors that impact your height, whether there are proven ways to get taller, as well as other things to consider when deciding whether to include push-ups in your training program or not.


Do Push-Ups Increase Height?

Push-ups do not increase your height.

However, they can help you appear taller by improving your posture.

As your posture improves, you’ll find that your chest is held high, your shoulders are back, and you have a seemingly taller frame.

This may be why some folks think push-ups can increase your height.

In reality though, they make you look taller as your posture improves by doing push-ups regularly.

Do Hindu Push-Ups Make You Taller?

As with normal push-ups, hindu push-ups don’t directly increase your height, but they can make you appear taller by improving your posture.

Do Push-Ups Stunt Growth?

No, there’s no evidence at all that push-ups can stunt your growth.

There was a widely believed theory that if children done resistance exercises (like push-ups), their growth would be stunted.

However, many reputable scientists have disproven this claim.

The only way exercise can stunt your growth is if you injure your growth plates during early development phases of your life.

While this can happen during exercise, it can also happen during any type of physical activity.

Do Push-Ups Improve Your Posture?

Yes, push-ups can significantly improve your posture.

Poor posture can have a detrimental effect on your overall health, fitness, and welleing.

Improving your posture can increase your health, reduce your injury risk, and make you stronger.

Push-ups are an excellent exercise for improving your posture and they can help your body’s balance, stability, and overall strength.

What Factors Affect Your Height?


Genetics is the number one factor that affects your height.

You’ll likely be a tall person if your parents are tall.

If many of your family members are short, then you’ll likely be short yourself.

Genetics play a massive role in many aspects of our life such as appearance, height, health, and even certain behaviours.

Without medical intervention, it’s very hard to do anything that goes against your genetic makeup.

Childhood Nutrition


Children can have their height severely restricted without appropriate nutrition.

While a balanced diet is vital for everyone, it’s especially important for growing children.

Fruit and vegetables can help ensure they get adequate vitamins and minerals while protein and calcium are important for bone development.

As you age, your nutrition habits won’t impact your height, but it can still have a big impact on your overall health.

Nutrition is always important but especially for young children.


Although your posture doesn’t actually affect your height, it can make a big difference to how tall you appear.

Bad posture can leave you with a hunch back and make you appear shorter.

Good posture can give you an appearance of someone who is taller than others with worse posture.

You should always strive to improve your posture as it has many health benefits as well as making you appear taller.

Medical Conditions

Some medical conditions can affect your height.

In these instances, there isn’t a lot you can do to change your height but you’ll likely have medication or specific exercises you’ll need to do to help maintain your health.

Are There Any Proven Ways To Get Taller?

No, there are no proven ways to get taller once you’ve stopped growing naturally.

Some people who are unsatisfied with their height might go through painful and expensive medical procedures to change their height by a few inches, but this isn’t something many folks would do.

Unless there’s an underlying medical condition, most people’s height is determined by their genetics, their childhood nutrition and behaviours, and their posture.


In summary:

  • Push-ups do not affect your height. They won’t make you taller or stunt your growth.
  • Your height is determined by numerous factors, such as your genetics and childhood nutrition.

That’s all for this article, but how many push-ups should a 12 year old do? Or what’s the average push-ups for a 16 year old?

Hope this helped!