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Can You Do Shoulders And Triceps On The Same Day? (Solved!)

Many gym-goers prefer training multiple muscle groups on the same day.

But to get the most benefits out of your workout, you should only aim to train muscle groups which complement each other.

In this article, we look at whether doing shoulders and triceps on the same day fits this criteria or whether it’s not a good idea.

We also discuss the pros and cons of doing so, as well as which of the muscle groups you should train first.

(If you do decide to train them on the same day, of course…)

Can You Do Shoulders And Triceps On The Same Day?

Yes, doing shoulders and triceps on the same day can be a very good way of training your upper body.

Your shoulders and your triceps are located pretty close to each other, so it makes sense that the exercises they’re responsible for overlap.

Both your shoulder muscles and triceps help in various arm movements, in particular, shoulder movement.

As both muscle groups share some responsibilities, they work very well together.

With this in mind, training shoulders and triceps on the same day can help overload each muscle group effectively, helping you reach your fitness goals.

(Watch this short vid below for an epic shoulder and tricep workout!)

Benefits of Training Shoulders And Triceps on the Same Day

It Saves Time

As much as many people want to train every single day, it isn’t always the optimal thing to do.

That isn’t to say that training every day is bad. It’s just that it isn’t appropriate, suitable, or necessary for a many people.

Obviously, recovery time plays a key part in how frequently we train. But ensuring we work out each body part during the week is important too.

If you want to train each muscle group individually, you’ll likely have to train 7 days a week.

Unless you’re a sponsored athlete who gets paid to train, the chances are training every day isn’t sustainable long term.

By combining muscle groups, like shoulders and triceps, you can reduce the number of days you need to go to the gym each week.

Rather than training every single day, it’ll be more realistic to go 3 to 5 times instead.

They Work Well Together

Your shoulders and your triceps naturally work together very well.

Not only do they share some responsibilities in terms of which movements they help create, but they also tend to be involved in many of the same exercises.

That doesn’t mean they’re working equally during certain movements and exercises. It just means that they can both benefit from movements that focus on the other muscle group.

For example, skull crushers will focus primarily on your triceps.

However, your shoulders also play a pretty big role in the exercise too.

As there are quite a few exercises where both muscle groups benefit, training shoulders and triceps on the same day can increase the effectiveness of your training.

Drawbacks of Training Shoulders And Triceps On The Same Day

No Individual Muscle Focus

If you train multiple muscle groups on the same day, you won’t ever focus entirely on one body part.

While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, some people will get a lot more benefits if they focus all of their attention on 1 muscle group.

You could be distracted by the thought of having to train another muscle group after your current session.

This can be enough to lower your motivation or your current performance.

Sometimes, it might be a better option to focus solely on one muscle group at a time to ensure you get the full benefits of your session.


If you put 100% effort into every workout you do, there’s a real chance that working multiple muscle groups on the same day can lead to fatigue kicking in.

Doing shoulders and triceps on the same day can help you reach your fitness goals, but it can also cause fatigue, resulting in a reduction in your performance.

If you’re worried about fatigue, training shoulders and triceps on the same day might not be the best idea.

Should You Do Shoulders And Triceps On The Same Day? 

This is ultimately dependent on your fitness goals, the time you have available, and your personal preferences.

There aren’t too many reasons why you shouldn’t do shoulders and triceps on the same day.

As long as both muscle groups are healthy and are fully recovered from any previous exercise, training them both on the same day could be a great idea for you.

Should You Do Shoulders Before Or After Triceps?

Usually, it makes more sense to train your shoulders before your triceps.

As a general rule, you’ll probably be lifting more weight during your shoulder workout than you will be during your triceps workout.

And as you’ll want your muscles to be as fresh and as strong as possible for the heavier session, it makes sense to do shoulders before triceps.

Should You Train Them In The Same Session or 2 Different Sessions?

You can train shoulders and triceps in a single session or you could split them into 2 different sessions.

Your choice will likely come down to how much time you have available to train and how hard you want to work each muscle group during the session. 

Can You Superset Shoulders And Triceps?

You can superset shoulders and triceps although it might not be the most effective pairing for supersets.

Usually, supersets work best with opposite muscle group pairings such as biceps and triceps.

However, there aren’t too many reasons why you couldn’t superset shoulders and triceps if this is what you wanted to do.