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What Happens When You Stop Taking Mass Gainer?

Many hard gainers swear by mass gainer these days, and for good reason – it’s a super easy way of consuming a ton of calories, which is exactly what hard gainers need to do to put on weight.

But what happens when you stop taking mass gainer?

Let’s take a look.

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1. You May Lose Weight

Generally speaking, the only way to lose weight is if you consume less calories than you burn.

So for example, if you consume 1500 calories but burn 2000 calories over the course of the day, then you would lose weight.

Whereas if you consume 2500 calories but burn 2000 calories over the course of the day, then you would gain weight.

(Since you’re consuming more calories than you’re burning.)

Now, your typical mass gainer contains at least 1000 calories per serving (which is why mass gainer can make some people fat). So when you stop taking mass gainer, you’ll consume much less calories, which may lead to weight loss.

2. You May Feel Less Tired

Some people feel sleepy after taking mass gainer. This is due to a few different reasons.

One reason is that mass gainer is high in carbohydrates.

When you consume a large amount of carbs in one serving, your blood sugar levels rapidly spike. But this is toxic to your body, so a large amount of insulin is released which causes them to crash.

This sudden drop in blood sugar levels can make you feel drained and low on energy.

Another reason is that some ingredients in mass gainer, like creatine, can make your workouts more intense. So by doing more reps, your muscles will be more fatigued which can make you feel tired.

When you stop taking mass gainer, you won’t encounter these problems so you may have more energy.

3. You May Get Clearer Skin

For some people, mass gainer can cause acne.

For example, the high amount of carbs in mass gainer can make you more insulin resistant, which is linked to acne.

Also, the whey protein in mass gainer increases the production of IGF-1, which is a hormone that can make your skin oilier.

So if you do notice you’re breaking out more after taking mass gainer, there’s a good chance that your skin will clear up when you stop taking it.

4. You May Feel Less Nauseous

Mass gainer can make you feel sick.

One reason is that mass gainer is typically high in creatine, which can lead to nausea in high doses.

Another reason is that some people take their mass gainer too close to their workout.

When you do this, you have a ton of calories sat in your stomach waiting to be digested…

…But the blood which is important for digestion is diverted to your muscles instead!

So by stopping mass gainer, you should feel less queasy.

5. You May Need Less Trips To The Toilet

Interestingly, some ingredients in mass gainer makes you poop.

For example, creatine is broken down into creatinine, which is a waste product. And your body gets rid of waste products by…

You guessed it – pooping!

Also, some types of artificial sweeteners in mass gainer can be difficult to digest. This can cause bowel discomfort which can make you need a poop.

So if you do need to squeeze one out after taking mass gainer, then you may need to visit the loo less often when you stop using it.

6. You May Feel Less Bloated

For some folks, mass gainer can cause bloating.

One reason is that most mass gainers include whey protein, and some people have difficulties digesting whey, which can lead to bloating.

Also, the creatine in mass gainer increases water retention which can give you a bloated look.

So when you stop taking mass gainer, there’s a good chance your bloating will improve.

7. You’ll Save A Ton Of Money

Most mass gainer supplements sell for around $40 for a tub.

While this isn’t an enormous chunk of cash, the issue is that most tubs of mass gainer provide around 8 servings.

So if you’re taking mass gainer every day, you could easily spend $120 a month just on mass gainer!

Hence when you stop taking mass gainer, you’ll do your wallet a massive favor.

When Should You Stop Taking Mass Gainer?

You should stop taking mass gainer in the following circumstances:

  • You’ve gained enough weight, so you no longer need it.
  • It’s costing you too much money and you can no longer afford it.
  • It’s giving you too many side effects, which could be a sign that your body can’t tolerate it.

Can You Stop Taking Mass Gainer Anytime?

Yep, you can stop taking mass gainer anytime you want.

If you’ve been using it for only 3 days and the side effects are too much, then there’s no issue stopping it there and then.

Whereas if you’ve been using it for 3 years, and you’ve finally reached your ideal weight, then there’s no issue stopping then.