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Tyler The Creator’s Workout Routine: Why He Avoids The Gym

When it comes to physical fitness, everyone has their own approach. Some people hit the gym religiously, while others prefer to stay active through outdoor activities or sports.

And then there are those who, like rapper Tyler The Creator, claim to have never set foot in a gym.

Despite this, Tyler has maintained a slim and toned physique that’s led many to wonder what his secret is.

In this article, we will explore Tyler The Creator’s unconventional approach to fitness and how he manages to stay in shape without ever stepping on a treadmill or lifting a weight.

Whether you’re a fan of Tyler The Creator’s music or just looking for some fresh inspiration for your own fitness journey, this article has something for you.

Tyler the creator showing his impressive physique

Tyler The Creator’s Background and Approach to Fitness

Tyler The Creator, whose real name is Tyler Okonma, is a Grammy award-winning rapper, songwriter, and producer.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Tyler first gained fame in the music industry with the release of his debut mixtape, “B*stard,” in 2009.

Since then, he’s released multiple successful albums, collaborated with numerous other artists, and even ventured into fashion and television.

Despite his success in various creative endeavors, Tyler has never been known for his physical fitness.

In fact, he has stated in interviews that he’s never been to a gym.

So how does he manage to stay in shape?

Tyler’s approach to fitness is all about finding what works for him and sticking with it. He believes in the importance of staying active and healthy, but he also values creativity and individuality in his approach to fitness.

In the next section, we will explore some of the specific habits and routines that Tyler uses to maintain his physique.

Tyler The Creator’s Unconventional Workout Routine

Tyler The Creator’s approach to fitness is unique in that he doesn’t follow a traditional workout routine or diet plan. Instead, he focuses on incorporating physical activity into his daily life in a fun and creative way.

Here are some of the key components of Tyler’s unconventional workout routine:


Tyler has been an avid skateboarder since he was a teenager, and he often incorporates it into his music videos and live performances.

Skateboarding provides a full-body workout that helps Tyler stay in shape while also being a fun and challenging activity.

Hiking and Running

Tyler also enjoys hiking and running as a way to stay active.

He often shares photos and videos on social media of his hikes and runs, inspiring his fans to get outside and stay active.

These activities not only provide a cardiovascular workout but also allow Tyler to enjoy nature and clear his mind.


Dancing is another key component of Tyler’s workout routine.

He’s been known to incorporate dance moves into his music videos and live performances and has even taken dance classes to improve his skills.

Dancing provides a great workout while also allowing Tyler to express himself creatively and have fun.

Bodyweight Exercises

While Tyler doesn’t follow a strict workout plan, he does incorporate bodyweight exercises into his routine.

These exercises, such as push-ups, squats, and lunges, help him build strength and maintain muscle tone without the need for weights or gym equipment.

Tyler The Creator’s Diet and Nutrition Habits

While Tyler The Creator’s approach to fitness may be unconventional, he still recognizes the importance of a healthy diet and proper nutrition.

However, like his approach to exercise, Tyler’s diet and nutrition habits are also unique and individualistic.

Tyler is a fan of cooking and enjoys experimenting with different recipes and ingredients.

He’s even launched his own show, “Nuts + Bolts,” where in episode 3, Breakfast, he explores the science behind food and cooking.

Tyler is a self-proclaimed lover of waffles, pancakes, and syrup and these high-carbohydrate foods provide him with energy to sustain his hectic schedule.

In addition to his dietary habits, Tyler is also mindful of his alcohol intake. In fact, he’s tee total and has never even touched alcohol.

Instead, he prefers to stay hydrated with water and other non-alcoholic beverages.

The Role of Creativity and Fun in Tyler The Creator’s Fitness Regimen

One of the key aspects of Tyler The Creator’s fitness regimen is his emphasis on creativity and fun.

For Tyler, exercise isn’t just about getting in shape or building muscle, but also about expressing himself and having a good time.

In an interview, Tyler stated that he doesn’t like the idea of a structured gym routine and prefers to stay active in ways that are fun and enjoyable. He believes that exercise should be something that you look forward to and enjoy, rather than a chore or obligation.

This approach is reflected in the activities that Tyler incorporates into his fitness regimen, such as skateboarding, hiking, running, and dancing. These activities not only provide a great workout but also allow Tyler to express himself creatively and have fun while staying active.

Tyler’s emphasis on creativity and fun extends beyond his physical activities and also influences his diet and nutrition habits. By experimenting with different ingredients and cooking techniques, Tyler is able to turn meal preparation into a fun and creative process.


Tyler The Creator’s approach to fitness is anything but conventional.

He avoids the gym and instead stays active through skateboarding, hiking, and other fun and creative activities.

His individualistic approach to fitness is also reflected in his diet and nutrition habits, where he focuses on foods that make him feel good and experimenting with different ingredients and cooking techniques.

What sets Tyler’s fitness regimen apart is his emphasis on creativity and fun. For Tyler, exercise and healthy eating are not just about getting in shape, but also about expressing himself and enjoying life.

By incorporating these principles into his fitness regimen, Tyler has been able to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle that works for him.

While Tyler’s approach to fitness may not be for everyone, his story serves as a reminder that there are many ways to stay active and healthy.

Whether it’s through traditional gym routines or unconventional activities like skateboarding and hiking, the key is to find something that you enjoy and that works for you.

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