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Do Wall Sits Burn Thigh Fat? (Do They Slim Your Thighs?)

Many gym-goers have a burning desire to burn thigh fat.

(Pun intended.)

If that’s you, you may be wondering which exercises you should do to achieve this goal.

So, in this article, we look at whether wall sits burn thigh fat, and other exercises that can help slim your legs.

woman doing a wall sit

Do Wall Sits Burn Thigh Fat?

The most important thing to know when it comes to reducing thigh fat is that you can’t target specific are to burn fat from.

You can do lots of fat-burning exercises, and eventually, you will lose fat from all areas of your body.

(Including your thighs.)

The order in which body fat is reduced isn’t something you can control though.

Since wall sits burn calories, they can help burn thigh fat.

You may not notice any reduction in thigh fat in the short term, but if you do wall sits as part of a fat-burning program, you can definitely slim your legs as a result.

The Key To Losing Thigh Fat

One of the most crucial parts of burning fat is being in a calorie deficit every day.

This means that you’re burning more calories than you’re consuming.

Although your training program won’t be able to directly target thigh fat, being in a calorie deficit over time will result in fat loss.

And eventually, this fat will be burned from your legs.

How Many Wall Sits Should You Do To Burn Thigh Fat?

This will depend on your current strength and fitness levels as well as how many wall sits you can do already.

But, as a general rule, 2 to 5 wall sits to failure can be good for burning fat.

How Often Should You Do Wall Sits To Burn Thigh Fat?

This will also depend on your current fitness levels as well as your overall fitness goals.

Doing wall sits 2 to 3 times a week might be suitable for some intense fat-burning programs.

However, others may be suited to once a week.

For most fat burning programs, doing wall sits at least twice a week will be beneficial.

woman holding her fat thighs

Other Great Exercises To Help You Lose Thigh Fat


Sit-ups are an awesome exercise that you can do anywhere at anytime.

Like with wall sits, sit-ups burn thigh fat as long as you do them consistently and stay in a calorie deficit.

High Knees

Another exercise that can be done anywhere at anytime is high knees.

High knees help reduce thigh fat by burning a ton of calories and working multiple muscles.

HIIT Workouts

When it comes to fat burning workouts, you don’t get much better than HIIT workouts.

HIIT can burn thigh fat very effectively assuming you’re eating less calories than you’re burning.


Ah yes, the good old-fashioned treadmill.

Any form of cardio that increases your heart will burn a lot of calories, which is why treadmills are great for thigh fat.


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