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Should You Take Mass Gainer Before Or After Workout?

So, you’re sick of being skinny and want to put on weight with the help of mass gainer.

Good thinking – lots of folks have seen a serious transformation with the help of this supplement.

But one thing you’re confused about is when you should be taking mass gainer.

Should You Take Mass Gainer Before Or After Workout?

You should take mass gainer after your workout to help your muscles recover and to replenish your glycogen stores. Also, by taking mass gainer after your workout, you’re less likely to store the calories as fat.

man holding a mass gainer shake after workout

In this article, we explain why you should take mass gainer after your workout, and whether you can take mass gainer in the morning and evening.

5 Reasons Why You Should Take Mass Gainer After Working Out

You’re Less Likely To Get Fat

One concern many people have with taking mass gainer is that they’re scared that it’ll make them fat.

And that’s a genuine concern.

It’s true that mass gainer will make some people fat

If they take it before working out.


Well, before your workout, your muscles’ glycogen stores are full.

So if you’re taking mass gainer before working out, you’re ingesting a huge amount of calories, but there’s nowhere for these calories to be utilized.

As a result, your body stores the excess energy as fat.

(This is an evolutionary trait for when food was scarce back in the day. Without this mechanism, humans would’ve become extinct!)

Whereas if you take it after working out, you’re taking it when your glycogen stores are depleted.

So when you’re ingesting all those calories, rather than being stored as fat, they’re being used to help replenish your glycogen stores.

Creatine Is More Effective Post Workout

Creatine is a natural substance that’s found in red meat and fish.

It works by increasing the amount of ATP available to your muscles when exercising, which helps you squeeze out more reps.

(ATP is the energy which our cells use to function.)

For this reason, it’s a common ingredient in mass gainer.

Interestingly, research suggests that creatine taken post workout is more effective at improving strength and body composition, compared to pre workout.

And so it makes sense to take mass gainer after working out, if you want to get the most out of the creatine.

Glycogen Replenishment

Glycogen is chains of sugar molecules held together in your muscles, and it’s your muscles’ preferred source of energy when working out. So if you train hard enough, you should have low levels of glycogen after your workout.

Now, since glycogen is made up of carbs, the only way to replenish your glycogen stores is by consuming carbs.

And this is where mass gainer is useful.

You see, most mass gainers are full of carbs, so by taking mass gainer after your workout, you’re doing your muscles a big favor by replenishing their glycogen stores.

(If you don’t replenish your glycogen stores, then you’ll feel weak in your next workout as your muscles will have very little stored energy to use.)

Increased Protein Synthesis

In order to grow your muscles, you need to stimulate protein synthesis.

This is a process where your muscles use protein to repair and grow damaged muscle tissue from exercise.

According to research, whey protein – which is a main ingredient of mass gainer – stimulates protein synthesis to a greater degree than other types of protein.

So by taking mass gainer after your workout, you’ll have increased protein synthesis which will maximize your gains.

Mass Gainer Can Make You Tired

When you consume mass gainer, your blood sugar levels spike sharply due to the high carb content.

But high blood sugar levels are toxic.

So your body releases insulin, which clears out the sugar from your blood stream and shuttles it into your cells.

As a result, your blood sugar levels plummet.

This yo-yoing of blood sugar levels can mess with your energy levels, leaving you feeling tired and fatigued.

(This is why mass gainer makes you sleepy!)

So you’re best off taking mass gainer after your workout to avoid going to the gym when you have low energy.

Can You Take Mass Gainer In The Morning?

Those who work out in the morning may be wondering whether they should take mass gainer in the morning.

While it’s not ideal as you may feel tired, it’s still the best time to take it to optimize muscle growth.

(Which is why you’re taking it in the first place, right?)

Can You Take Mass Gainer In The Evening?

Similarly, those who do their lifting in the evening may be wondering whether they should take mass gainer at night.

Well in my opinion, the evening is the best time to take mass gainer.

Because even if it makes you tired, then you’ll have nothing to worry about as you’ll be sleeping soon anyways!

Can You Take Mass Gainer On An Empty Stomach?

You should always take mass gainer on an empty stomach as your body will have an easier time digesting it. Also, mass gainer can make you feel sick if you take it on a full stomach.


In summary:

  • It’s best to take weight gainer supplements after working out as your body will utilize the calories more effectively.
  • If you take mass gainer before working out, you’ll likely feel bloated when you exercise which can affect the quality of your gym session.

That’s all for this article, but why is mass gainer so expensive? Or you may be wondering why does mass gainer taste bad?

Hope this helped!