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Where Is Technogym Manufactured? [In 2023]

Technogym is one of the largest fitness equipment brands in the world.

This high-tech company has been selling a range of products, such as elliptical machines, to help people achieve their fitness goas for many years now.

But where is Technogym manufactured?

And who actually manufactures Technogym products?

That’s exactly what we’re going to answer today.

So, fasten your seatbelt and keep on reading!

Technogym elliptical machines in a gym

Where Is Technogym Manufactured?

Technogym has 2 manufacturing facilities located in Cesena (Italy) and in Maly Krtis (Slovakia). The Cesena facility, designed to guarantee maximum production efficiency through lean principles, covers an area of 40,000 square meters. The Maly Krtis facility covers an area of roughly 30,000 square meters.

Are Technogym Products Made In China?

No Technogym products are made in China. They’re all produced in either Cesena (Italy) or Maly Krtis (Slovakia).

Are Technogym Products Made In The USA?

Technogym also have no manufacturing facilities in the USA as all their products are made in Italy or Slovakia.

Who Manufactures Technogym Products?

Technogym products are designed, produced and distributed according to an operating model characterised by direct control of all the production phases.

In other words, all Technogym products are made by the company themselves.

Unlike other companies, they don’t rely on third-party contractors for manufacturing.

Who Owns Technogym?

Nerio Alessandri is the current CEO and Chairman of Technogym and he founded the company in 1983.

Its name is derived from Alessandri’s passion for technology (Techno) and fitness (gym).

Where Is Technogym Headquarters Located?

Technogym’s corporate headquarters is located in Cesena, Italy.

On the 8th March 2022, Technogym opened up another headquarters in Dubai.

Technogym Distribution Locations

Technogym products are sold through 4 different sales channels:

  • Field sales (represented by sales agents and Technogym salespeople)
  • Retail (represented by 11 Technogym stores)
  • Wholesale
  • Inside sales (including e-commerce and telemarketing)

The Wholesale channel is an indirect channel where end users are reached by distributors who can cover markets in which Technogym have no direct outlet.

Whereas the Retail, Field sales and Inside sales are direct channels which Technogym use to reach end users directly.


In summary:

  • Technogym is manufactured in Italy and Slovakia.
  • No Technogym products are currently manufactured in USA.

That’s all for Technogym, but where is Herbalife made? Or which country are Garmin watches made?

Thanks for reading!


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