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Where Is Nautilus Equipment Made? [In 2023]

If you’ve stepped foot in a gym, the chances are that you’ve exercised with Nautilus equipment before.

In fact, even if you have a home-gym, you may have encountered their products.

But where is Nautilus equipment made?

And who manufactures Nautilus equipment?

That’s what we’re going to answer today. So, buckle-up and keep on reading!

Here is the short answer to where Nautilus Equipment is made:

All Nautilus products are made by third-party manufacturers primarily in Asia. Each product is made by a single contract manufacturer.

Man taking a weight plate off a nautilus adjustable dumbbell

Is Nautilus Equipment Made In China?

Yes, Nautilus equipment is made in Asian countries, including China.

That isn’t to say that all Nautilus equipment is made in China, but some of the third-party manufacturers who Nautilus work with are based in China.

By working with Chinese manufacturers, Nautilus can maximize their profit margins by minimizing their costs.

(Since production in China is so cheap.)

Is Nautilus Equipment Made In The USA?

No. Nautilus equipment isn’t made in the USA.

As stated earlier, all Nautilus equipment is manufactured in Asia. They’re then imported to the USA, Europe and other countries.

Who Manufactures Nautilus Products?

Nautilus products are manufactured by third-party contractors.

This means that Nautilus outsource their manufacturing to other companies.

(Rather than actually making the products themselves within their own manufacturing facilities.)

As a result, Nautilus’ manufacturing costs are much lower.

Who Owns Nautilus?

Nautilus is currently owned by Star Trac after it was acquired from Med-Fit systems.

(Star Trac is the parent company of StairMaster.)

Where Is Nautilus Based?

Although most of Nautilus operations are undertaken in their headquarters, they also have offices in Rotterdam and China.

Where Is Nautilus Headquarters Located?

Nautilus headquarters is currently located in Vancouver, Washington.

Nautilus Distribution Locations

Nautilus have their own distribution facilities in Oregon, Ohio and California. They also rely on third-party warehouses to fulfil their orders.

Interestingly, 60% of Nautilus equipment was shipped from their Asian third-party warehouses in 2022.

This allows Nautilus to store less equipment in their own warehouses which results in lower storage, handling, freight and insurance costs.


In summary:

  • Nautilus is made in Asian countries by contract manufacturers.
  • Currently no Nautilus products are made in USA.

That’s all for Nautilus, but where is Garmin manufactured? Or where is FitBit manufactured?

Thanks for reading!


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