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How Much Do Kettlebells Cost? (Why Are They Expensive?)

In this article, we compare the prices of 9 popular kettlebells to give you an idea of how much these popular gym items cost.

How much do kettlebells cost per pound? 

Typically, Kettlebells cost anywhere from $0.50 to $5 per pound. The range in price is due to many different factors, including the material that the Kettlebell is made from, and the brand.

1. Onnit Kettlebell 

These kettlebells are around $2.50 per pound, depending on which ones you choose. They stand out among the rest because they just look cool. 

The primal series comes with animal shapes, depending on the size you need. You can go for the Orangutan, the Chimp, the Bigfoot, or the Gorilla and more. 

They are made with a high quality chip resistant coating. So even when you push yourself to the edge, you know these babies won’t get damaged in the end. 

They are designed to give a full body workout and to strengthen your muscles. 

Onnit Kettlebells are available on their own website for delivery and also in most fitness stores. They come in sizes from 13 pounds all the way up to 90 pound beasts. 

2. Rogue Competition Kettlebell 

These go for just under $2 per pound. And honestly, that is a really great deal.

They are made from a one solid piece of cast iron and there are no plugs or inserts. This is a very hard and durable kettlebell. 

They also have a machine bottom finish, meaning that there will be no problem with being lopsided or uneven. 

They have a powder coat finish making them a little bit rough and have four tapered sides which makes them competition worthy. 

The flattened sides below the handle work well on the form of the hand. This helps with the balance of the kettlebells, meaning the athlete can stay completely focused on their technique.

Besides that they are really comfortable to work with.

(But if you are a longtime user of Kettlebells, then you might have trouble adapting to the unique shape.)

On average, you can expect to pay around $100 for one of these kettlebells.

3. Rogue Kettlebell E Coat 

The E coat is available for around $0.50 per pound of kettlebell. And they have a really special coating that makes them unique. 

The electrically applied finish coat was made for the automotive industry, but they work great for kettlebells too. 

The cover goes on evenly and is corrosion resistant. Because of the way they apply it, they can coat it really thin. 

It ends up feeling smoother than a powder coating. Plus it has the added benefit of having more of the grit of the casted iron. 

These kettlebells can hold chalk but are easier to clean. 

There is a large selection of kettlebell sizes available in the Rogue Kettlebell E coat range. It starts from 9 pounds and goes all the way up to a whopping 88 pounder. 

4. Rogue Rubber Coated Kettlebell 

These go for around $2.80 per pound and they are all about the texture. 

They have a powder coat finish and then on top of that they added a urethane coat on the bell too. This gives a great feel in the hand and a comfortable finish. 

They can be used with chalk but the Rogue Rubber Coated Kettlebell is comfortable without it too. And the rubber coating makes them really durable. 

Plus they are less harsh on work services, so they’re less likely to scrape floors and damage your workout area. 

They are also made from first run iron ore. This makes them really strong and unique, since many Kettlebells on the market are made from scrap metal.

They come with color coded handles to make recognizing them easy and they go from 26 pounds up to the 70 pounds pieces.

An excellent choice of kettlebell for a full body workout. 

5. Rogue Powder Coat Kettlebell 

The Rogue Powder Coat Kettlebell goes for about $2.20 per pound. The powder coat finish allows for a much better grip than other finishes. 

They are approved for the United States Army’s Combat Fitness test and they can also complete any home gym. They come in many sizes that work for any fitness level’s needs. 

Besides the enhanced grip, it also allows for a consistent feel, which will make a consistent workout possible. And it is chip resistant too. 

6. Rep Fitness Kettlebell 

These go for just over $1 per pound. They have the matte black finish that allows for a good grip and texture. 

It’s almost like a sandpaper feel that adds just enough texture to give you a better grip without the need to use chalk. 

This is a great kettlebell for first time users to practice their form. But beware – the handle is slightly larger than most and that could be a problem for people with slightly smaller hands. 

7. Gymreapers Cast Iron Kettlebell 

These go for around $2.50 per pound and they come in many different sizes. All the way from the smallest 9 pound kettlebell for beginners, all the way up to 97 pounds for the most advanced athletes. 

They are created to be long lasting with a flat wobble-free base. They are appropriate for kettlebell swings, goblet squats, snatch and a bunch of other Kettlebell workouts. 

8. Kettlebell Kings Powder Coat Kettlebell 

These have a bit of a wide price range. They go from between $3 all the way up to $5.80 per pound. But the price goes down as the size goes up. 

Kettlebell Kings have recently updated the process of how they powder coat their product to make it more durable.  The chemical cleaning process they put the metal through will allow for the paint to be added on more evenly. And by baking the paint, they also allow for a better quality product. 

This is a company that works hard to eliminate sharp edges and ridges. They also don’t paint any kettlebell that doesn’t pass quality control. 

9. Titan Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell 

And this might just be my favorite kettlebell on this list. It is admittedly a bit more expensive than the other Kettlebells on the list and comes in at around $4 per pound. 

But since this will be the only Kettlebell you need, it might be worth it. 

One Kettlebell can adjust to go from 10 pound all the way up to 40 pounds. They have adjustable discs on them that can add or retract weight. 

Meaning that you will only need this one Kettlebell for all the exercises you need.  Hence in my opinion, this might be the best value for money.