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Apple Watch Kettlebell Workout (Here’s How To Log It!)

Logging a kettlebell workout on your Apple watch has given some users challenges in the past.

So in this article, I cover different ways you can log a kettlebell workout on your Apple watch.

How To Track Kettlebell Workout On Apple watch

You can log a kettlebell workout on your Apple watch in a few ways. One of the most common ways is by using the Workout app.

You can also log kettlebells on your Apple watch using other apps, as well as using an external heart rate monitor.

The method you ultimately choose will be dependent on your personal preferences.


How To Log A Kettlebell Workout On The Workout App

Your Apple watch is great at giving accurate heart rate readings during cardiovascular exercise, such as running, cycling, etc.

However, weight lifting sessions (including kettlebells) can prove difficult for your watch to keep track of how hard you’re working.

The built-in app – Workout – makes recording your workouts quick and easy.

It doesn’t have a pre-programmed option for kettlebells though, so you have to record your activity manually.

To log your kettlebell workout manually on the Workout app:

  1. Start a workout and choose “other” from the options provided
  2. Once your workout is finished, swipe right, and press “end”
  3. Select “name workout”
  4. Select the type of workout (e.g. strength)
  5. Press “save”

How To Log A Kettlebell Workout On Other Apple Watch Apps


Gymaholic is an app designed for logging all of your workouts and can be installed on your Apple watch. 

It’s a great way of recording accurate data about each of your training sessions, and it gives you lots more functionality than the built-in Workout app.

The app actually has kettlebell workouts in its list of pre-programmed sessions, so it’s super easy to log a kettlebell session.

Simply select the kettlebell workout you want to try and the app will show you not only what exercises to do, but also how to do them safely with video and photo demonstrations. 

Gymaholic has received some great reviews from users and is proving itself to be an accurate fitness tracking app.


Strong is another popular fitness tracking app and is a great way of keeping track of all of your workouts.

You have two choices when it comes to logging a training session. You can either select the “empty workout” function where you can add each exercise you perform manually, or you can select from the large collection of templates built-in to the app.

When using the “empty workout” option, you can simply press the “add exercises” button. This allows you to choose an exercise from the app’s library or create and record your own.

Strong is a quick and easy way of logging kettlebells on your apple watch.


There are also two choices when it comes to logging kettlebells on MyFitnessPal. And the one you choose will be dependent on the style of your workout.

If your kettlebell session is high-paced and elevates your heart rate, you can log it as a cardio workout using the “circuit training” option in the app.

However, your kettlebell workout may be slower-paced and more similar to a strength session. If this is the case, then you can record your session using the “weight training” option.

Zones for Training

Zones for Training links to your Apple watch to record your heart rate throughout your workouts.

It then displays ideal zones (ranges) of where your heart rate should be to help you reach your fitness goals.

You can create custom workouts in the app which is a great way of recording your kettlebell sessions.

  1. Open the Zones for Training app on your iPhone
  2. Go to the “settings” tab
  3. Select “custom workouts”
  4. Press “create” 

Once you have created your kettlebell workout on your phone, it will then be visible on your watch (through the Zones for Training app). You can then select this each time you are exercising with kettlebells to record your progress.

Recording A Kettlebell Workout On Your Apple Watch Using An External Heart Rate Monitor

Wearing your Apple watch during a kettlebell session could potentially cause injury to your wrist, or damage to your watch.

If you’re worried about this happening to you, then you can connect an external heart rate monitor to your Apple watch. This means you can work out without wearing it.

The readings from the external heart rate monitor will be logged straight to your watch without any risk of damaging it or hurting your wrist.

If you use kettlebells as a cardio-based workout, this is a great way of logging it on your Apple watch as an accurate record of your heart rate will be recorded during the session.

Does Apple Fitness Have Kettlebell Workouts?

Apple fitness does not currently have a kettlebell workout option, which has left many Apple watch users frustrated.

Therefore, you must use the apps outlined in this article if you want to log a kettlebell workout on your Apple watch.


Ultimately, the best way to record your kettlebell sessions on your Apple watch will come down to your personal preferences. 

Each app has slightly different features. Some you may find more useful than others.

For example, if you’re keen to understand where your heart rate should be during a session, the Zones for Training app might be the best choice for you.

If you’re concerned about your Apple watch getting damaged or potentially causing an injury to your wrist while training with kettlebells, using an external heart rate monitor is a great way of overcoming this issue.

That’s all for kettlebells, but what about a Garmin kettlebell workout?

Thanks for reading!


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