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How To Pack And Transport Kettlebells (For Moving Out)

Need to move your kettlebells from one place to another? Kettlebells are portable and are easily moved around with a car. Here are some considerations for you.

Here’s how to transport kettlebells:

If you’re on foot, you have two main options. Both options are exercise! You can carry them in your hands, or you can carry them in a sturdy rucksack. By car, surrounding kettlebells with other items in your boot, or fitting them into smaller spaces, will reduce the risk of them rolling around.

How To Pack Your Kettlebells

It’s not essential to pack kettlebells. They are very unlikely to get chipped or damaged.

To reduce risk of damaging your car though, pack them tightly alongside other items, padding in between them with soft items of clothing.

You can optionally pad the floor of your car with some rubber matting.

Typically, when kettlebells are sold they come in cardboard boxes loaded with styrofoam. If you have the original packaging, you can put them back into the box.

You can also use a large suitcase! Place the suitcase in the boot. Load them up with kettlebells. Pad any remaining space with clothing items. Zip up the suitcase.

When you arrive at the other end, unzip first then unload the kettlebells first. The weight of the bells combined is probably much greater than the suitcase can tolerate without breaking.

How To Move Kettlebells Into Your Car

Some ideas:

  • Carry them by hand
  • Carry them in a rucksack
  • Place them on a trolley
  • Ask someone else to carry them for you!

How To Store Your Kettlebells In Your Car

My personal preference for one or two bells, assuming there is no one in the rear seat, is to wedge them on the floor between the front and rear seats. This is quick and limits the movement.

If you place them loose in your boot, you don’t want the bells to roll around and damage your car. It’s a good idea to pad them using blankets, sweaters, or any other luggage.

You can use the aforementioned suitcase method in your boot as well.

I wouldn’t put kettlebells on the passenger seats. If you have to brake hard, they’ll fly forwards.

How Many Kettlebells Can You Fit In Your Car?

This is a “how long is a piece of string?” question.

It will depend on the size of the kettlebells, the weight of the kettlebells, the size of your car, how many passengers, what other items you are transporting at the same time, and how you stack them.

Let’s be realistic though – if you’re transporting your bells for your own training, very few people use more than 10 bells. If you aren’t travelling with any other luggage, you’ll easily fit 10 bells in your boot.


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