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Can You Take Creatine And Fat Burner Together? (Is It Safe?)

Both creatine and fat burners are safe supplements when taken in isolation, and there’s no current evidence to suggest that it’s harmful to take creatine and fat burners together. Also, many pre workout supplements contains creatine and the same ingredients as fat burners, so lots of people are safely consuming creatine and fat burners together without even realising.

In this article, we look at the benefits of creatine and fat burners and see if there are any further benefits of mixing these 2 compounds.

What Is Creatine?


Creatine is a natural organic acid that’s made in the body to help provide energy to cells, particularly muscle cells.

It’s naturally found in red meat and fish, and some people take creatine supplements to improve their performance.

Benefits of Creatine

Creatine Improves Athletic Performance

There are lots of studies which demonstrate creatine’s ability to improve physical performance.

In one of these studies, 8 ice-hockey players supplemented with creatine and 8 ice-hockey players took a placebo.

The results showed that those who took creatine had significantly more power in their sprinting.

Creatine Helps Increase Muscle Mass

A review of creatine supplementation concluded that creatine increases muscle hypertrophy (i.e. muscle growth) in all healthy young populations.

Some of the studies even showed that creatine increases muscle growth in untrained populations, suggesting that creatine was the direct cause of increased muscle mass.

Creatine Improves Cognitive Function

One of the lesser-known benefits of creatine is its ability to improve mental function.

In a study of older people, creatine improved the subjects’ memory and recall ability.

Creatine Helps Prevent Fatigue

Another physical benefit of creatine is that it can help reduce muscular fatigue.

For example, in one study, 15 people took either a placebo or 20g of creatine per day for 5 days before performing a cycle test.

Interestingly, those who took creatine had delayed onset of fatigue during the test.

What Are Fat Burners?

Fat burners are a type of supplement that help your body oxidize more fat. They often include ingredients like CLA and green tea extract which boost metabolism.

Benefits of Fat Burners

Fat Burners Can Help Increase Fat Loss

An obvious benefit of fat burners is that they can help increase fat loss thanks to their high caffeine content.

A review of 19 studies showed that taking caffeine significantly increases fat oxidation.

Since fat burners are high in caffeine, you may benefit from more fat loss (assuming you’re in a calorie deficit of course!)

Fat Burners May Help Improve Focus

Although fat burners are a supplement that’s mainly used by gym bros who are trying to shed some pounds, they actually offers other benefits which are unrelated to physical performance.

For example, some studies suggest that caffeine – which is one of the main active ingredients in fat burners – can improve cognitive function.

So, if you take fat burners, you may find that you can focus better.

Fat Burners May Give You More Energy

Both caffeine and CLA, which are often included in fat burners, have been shown to increase energy.

By having more energy in the gym, you can have a more productive workout.

Are There Any Benefits of Taking Creatine And Fat Burners Together?

As there are currently no studies, it’s unclear whether taking creatine and fat burners together provides further benefits than taking them individually.

When Is The Best Time To Take Creatine And Fat Burners Together?

Research shows that creatine is best taken after your workout for maximizing muscle and strength gains.

That being said, since fat burners work similarly to pre workout, it makes sense taking both of these before working out.

Creatine does work when taken before your work out, but it works a little bit better after the gym.

And since fat burners are high in caffeine, you should avoid taking these 2 after 3pm as the caffeine may disrupt your sleep quality.

Can You Take Creatine And Hydroxycut Together?


There’s currently no evidence to suggest that it’s unsafe to mix creatine and hydroxcut together.

If your body can tolerate creatine and hydroxycut as individual supplements, then you should be able to mix them with no problems.

If you’re unsure though, you should consult your medical doctor.

Closing Thoughts

In summary:

  • There are no studies which suggest that it’s unsafe to take creatine and fat burners together.
  • There’s limited evidence that mixing creatine and fat burners provides additional benefits than taking them in isolation.

That’s all for this article, but you may be curious about creatine farts. Or perhaps you’re wondering – is creatine cheating?

Hope this helped!