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Sweaty Leg Day (Why You Sweat More On Leg Day!)

Ever wondered why you sweat more on leg day?

You’re not alone.

Sweaty leg days are much more common than you think!

But why does this happen?

Well, in this article, I explain the causes of a sweaty leg workout, as well as ways to reduce sweating.

Black man drinking juice while wiping sweat off his neck after exercise

Why You Sweat So Much On Leg Day

You Burn A Ton Of Calories On Leg Day

You’ll typically burn more calories on leg day than on any other workout day. There are many reasons for this, such as using compound exercises on leg day.

Compound exercises work multiple muscles at once, so during compound movements (like squats), your muscles need lots of energy (in the form of calories).

Now, when you burn calories, heat is generated in the process. As a result, you end up sweating more to help cool you down.

(The body can only survive in a very narrow temperature range. So when it heats up from burning a ton of calories, sweat is your body’s way of cooling down to maintain your core temperature.)

Many People Take Pre Workout On Leg Day

Lots of gym goers swear by pre workout on leg day thanks to its ability to improve focus, energy and endurance.

But one of the common side effects reported about pre workout is that it makes you sweat loads.

One reason is that pre workout is loaded with caffeine.

(Some pre workouts have 3x as much caffeine as a cup of coffee!)

When you consume caffeine, the body releases stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. This increases your heart rate and temperature, so your body cools down my sweating.

Another reason is that pre workout often includes thermogenics. These are ingredients which boost your metabolism by a process called thermogenesis.

In simple terms, they help you burn fat by heating up your body which increases your metabolism. This can result in you sweating more.

What Should You Do If You Sweat More On Leg Day?

Drink Plenty Of Water

According to Mike Ryan, Assistant Professor of Exercise Science at Fairmont State University, the average person sweats between 27 and 47 ounces during an hour of exercise.

And most of that sweat will be water.

If you don’t drink plenty of water on leg day to replace what’s lost in sweat, you’re more likely to suffer from dehydration. Which can be uncomfortable at best and even deadly at worst.

(Just remember to spread your glasses of water out throughout the day, otherwise you may feel nauseous on leg day!)

Replenish Electrolytes

Another key component of sweat are electrolytes. These are minerals such as sodium, potassium and magnesium which all serve a vital role in the body.

For example, sodium helps control blood pressure, potassium is needed for muscle contraction, and magnesium boosts your immune system.

But by sweating a lot, you’re at risk of becoming low in these electrolytes, which is known as Electrolyte Imbalance.

Common symptoms of this include:

  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Lethargy
  • Vomiting
  • Rapid heart rate

So to minimize the risk of electrolyte imbalance, replenishing your electrolytes is super important.

How To Reduce Sweating On Leg Day

Some people are that insecure of their sweatiness that they might even want to skip leg day.

Well if that’s you, then fear not. Here are some great tricks to reduce sweating on leg day.

Wear Antiperspirant

Antiperspirants work by preventing sweat from reaching your skin’s surface.

To be clear, your sweat glands will still produce sweat but it won’t appear on your skin.

Reduce Your Caffeine Intake

Since caffeine can make you sweat more, then avoiding caffeine is a no brainer if you want to minimize sweating.

So take it easy on the coffee and energy drinks!

Wear Light, Loose Clothing

When it comes to sweating, light clothing is a bit of a paradox. While it can make your sweat patches more obvious, it will help cool you which will reduce the need for sweating.

(Lighter colors reflect sunlight whereas dark colors absorb it.)

Loose clothing is a good idea too as it helps with ventilation.

Stay Cool

Sweating is your body’s tried and tested way of cooling down. So by staying cool in the first place, your body won’t need to sweat!

There are many ways you can do this, such as training next to a cool fan, or even training outdoors.

(If you live in a cool country of course!)


In summary:

  • Sweating on leg day is normal and is caused by a high body temperature from intense exercise.
  • Taking pre workout on leg day is another cause of sweaty leg workouts.
  • Drinking plenty of water during your leg session is important for rehydration.

That’s all for this article, but why do you weigh more after leg day? Or why are your legs not sore after leg day?

Hope this helped!