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Where Are Garmin Watches Made In 2023? (Which Country?)

Nearly everyone has heard of Garmin (and/or Garmin watches).

These epic smart watches have many uses and are used all over the world to help people reach their fitness goals.

But where are Garmin watches made?

And who manufactures Garmin watches?

That’s what we’re going to answer today.

So, buckle-up and keep on reading!

The Garmin watch is wrapped around the arm in white and the reset function and other settings appear on the screen

Where Are Garmin Watches Made?

Garmin watches are made in their multiple facilities located in Taiwan, China, Netherlands, Poland and the USA. Garmin owns these manufacturing facilities, so all watches are produced by Garmin.

Are Garmin Watches Made In The USA?

Yes, some of Garmin’s watches are made in the USA.

Garmin have 2 manufacturing facilities in the USA located at Olathe, Kansas and Salem, Oregon.

Are Garmin Watches Made In China?

Yes, Garmin watches are also produced in China.

Garmin only have one manufacturing facility in China which is located in Yangzhou.

Are Garmin Watches Made In Taiwan?

Garmin also produce some of their watches in Taiwain.

Taiwan actually has 4 facilities in the below locations:

  • Xizhi
  • Jhongli
  • LinKou
  • Xinshi

Out of all the countries where Garmin watches are made, Taiwan has the most facilities, so you could argue that most Garmin watches are made in Taiwan.

(Poland and the Netherlands both have just one manufacturing facility.)

Who Manufactures Garmin Watches?

Garmin own and operate each of their manufacturing facilities, so all Garmin watches are made by the company themselves.

(Rather than outsourced to contract manufacturers.)

In their annual report, Garmin claim that in-house manufacturing is one of the keys to their superior product quality.

As you’d expect, the components needed to make Garmin watches are bought from a large number of qualified suppliers.

Garmin Distribution Locations

As you’d expect from a company as well-known as Garmin, they have an impressive variety of distribution sources.

For example, Garmin watches are sold through a large worldwide network of independent retailers, dealers, and distributors.

They’re also distributed through online channels, including Amazon and their own online store.

(Interestingly, Amazon accounted for around 10% of Garmin’s net sales in 2021.)

Who Owns Garmin?

Garmin was founded in 1989 by Gary Burrell and Min Kao.

Gary retired as the CEO in 2003 and as the chairman in 2004 and both of these roles were taken over by Min.

The current CEO is Cliff Pemble.

Garmin began publicly trading on December 8, 2000 which means the company is owned by its shareholders.

Where Is Garmin Headquarters Located?

Although Garmin was founded in Lenexa, Kansas, it’s current headquarters is located at Olathe, Kansas.

Where Is Garmin Based?

Garmin is legally based in Schaffhausen, Switzerland and its operations are ran in the Olathe, Kansas headquarters.


In summary:

  • Garmin watches are made worldwide, including the USA, Europe, and Asia.
  • Garmin watches are manufactured in their own manufacturing facilities.

That’s all for Garmin watches, but where are FitBits made? Or is rep fitness made in USA?

Thanks for reading!


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