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Where Are Rep Fitness Products Made? (In USA?)

If you’re interested in health and fitness, and own a home gym, the chances are you’ve heard of Rep Fitness.

This home gym equipment brand has been selling products to help people achieve their fitness goals for many years now.

But where are Rep Fitness products made?

And who manufactures Rep Fitness products?

That’s what we’re going to answer today.

Where Are Rep Fitness Products Made?

While Rep Fitness manufacture their products globally, most of their products are made in China. Rep Fitness are continuously expanding their manufacturing bases so the exact locations change year to year.

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Are Rep Fitness Products Made In China?

Yes. Most of Rep Fitness products are manufactured in China.

While there are some concerns over quality regarding products made in China, Rep Fitness make a good point that the quality of the products is only as good as what the company is willing to pay.

(As well as the standards they set and enforce.)

Rep Fitness products are of decent quality because they’ve spent a lot of time (and money) on quality standards.

They have a team of professionals close to their factories that help ensure good quality.

Is Rep Fitness Made In USA?

It’s unclear whether Rep Fitness products are made in the USA, but their website suggests that none of them are.

That being said, they’re willing to manufacture products in the USA if their customers prefer locally made products and prepared to pay the price for them.

(Manufacturing in the USA is a LOT more expensive than in China, since the USA is generally a more expensive country.)

Who Manufactures Rep Fitness Products?

Rep Fitness products are manufactured by the factories which Rep Fitness own.

So you could say that they manufacture their own products.

Who Owns Rep Fitness?

Rep Fitness is co-owned by the brothers Ryan and Shane McGrotty.

They created the company in 2012 after seeing a need for quality home gym equipment at a reasonable price.

Where Is Rep Fitness Based?

Rep Fitness is based in Denver, Colorado which is where its headquarters are located.


In summary:

  • Most of Rep Fitness products are made in China.
  • It’s unclear whether Rep Fitness products are made in USA.

That’s all for Rep Fitness, but where is Garmin made? Or where is FitBit made?

Thanks for reading!


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